Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Lousada Heyhoe and others...

I've been trying to tone down my shopping in the new year but I can't help but wanting to constantly check the sale section at my Anthro store. There are always some random returns that are so tempting - love seeing some old items come back.

Leifsdottir Ombre Ikat Mini-Dress (size 4)

Oh, were I younger and in need of a sexy mini-dress with cutout shoulders... This was clearly a return and it is adorable. The 4 was a little big and the colors do not do anything for my skin but it's super comfy. The only weird thing is the shoulder - they pull where the cutouts are.

Askew Ikat Shift, Lousada Heyhoe, size XS 

I'm sort of regretting not buying this except for the fact that I need a silk dress like I need a hole in the head. I am absolutely IN LOVE with every one of Heyhoe's prints. Gorgeous! Like most of the reviews, I found the dress to fit slightly tight in the hips but not enough to size up.

I've seen this skirt on other bloggers and it is so cute. On me, it is a frumpy mess. Granted I definitely needed a 2 (it seems to run a bit big) but still. The pockets are awesome. 

Unequivocal Dress (size 6)

I tried on this dress in a size 4. It's amazing - beautiful retro shape. The 4 was a little tight in the tuckus but the 6 was gaping at the chest (which is unusual for my very-endowed self)

 I look I just walked out of Hair or Little House on the Trippy Prairie. I've tried on both the size 2 and size 4 of this skirt and both are beautiful. I'm not sure I have room in my life for a silk maxi (I guarantee that within 2 minutes there would be greasy toddler hands all over it).
This blouse is a different story. I LOVE IT. The 4 is super roomy up top but a bit snug in the hips. I have a size 2 coming to me to compare but am afraid that it will be way too tight on the hips and better up top.

The colors are beautiful and waist-nipping band are great, but I found the overall fit a bit odd. The waist fit well while the rest felt a bit big. Perhaps a size 4 would be better?

 Drafted Gardens Top (XS)
 The top is totally fine but nothing exciting. Just a basic, cotton, slightly too expensive top.

Pale Borders Blouse (size 2)
Ah, pale borders blouse. Your colors, your adorable cap sleeves, your luxurious silk. I would have snapped this up but I can't figure out my size. The 4 looks baggy and lifeless but the 2 is too tight across my chest. Boo. Might have to take it to a tailor to see if she can work her magic. 

The 2nd cuts on the Heyhoe stuff were really tempting for me.  Did anyone take some home at the 2nd cut price?


  1. hmmm...I was sad that I missed out on the second cut on the pale borders blouse- it's nice to know the fit is difficult! It wouldn't be hard to take in though...

    The nubby striped skirt looks cute- I should give it another look maybe...

  2. "Little House on the Trippy Prairie"

    Best description ever!!