Friday, May 11, 2012

Colored Skinnies - Should they have an age limit?

Colored skinny jeans are so in right now! It's all I see in every store. Gap, JCrew, Anthro, even my local boutique stores geared to the "older" set. I love the idea but my inner skeptic says - hmmm.... tight and bright, not two words I often put together in the same sentence as flattering. So the other day I'm scoping the high end section of TJMaxx (have found so many bargains there recently including a gorgeous Velvet cashmere tunic sweater) and I happen upon some Paige denim skinnies in my size. These are BRIGHT. I was thinking I could go with a safer cobalt blue color a la J Crew Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill in blue grotto. But here these were and much cheaper than $125 (!!!!!?!) so what the hey.

So my question is, how old is too old for trendy items like this? I am in my late thirties and still feel really young but am having trouble walking that line between looking fresh and trend-aware and looking like I'm trying too hard to recapture my youth. It's a tricky line. Especially in the stay-at-home mom sector where the uniform around here is generally yoga pants and a tee-shirt.

I found a fascinating post over at Alexis' J Crew Aficionada on this very topic here. Much to my surprise, many of the women there said they were too old to pull it off. Hmm. I think it's all about styling - and many people had wonderful styling ideas - to make it work.

So here are my Paige pants. I would only wear these with a long top that covered at least most of my generous derriere. But, I am bravely pulling up my shirt in the last picture so you can get the idea of what they look like without.

I paired it with my liberty print shirt for fun but I would most likely wear these with a long tunic or striped shirt or plain white menswear shirt.

Thoughts? Does brightness of color make the difference? Fit? Combinations?
Would love to hear the blogging communities ideas!


  1. I think the pants look great on you and your styling ideas sound good to me. I wear my skinny denim with ballet flats or wedges when the weather is warm.
    If you like the look, I say go for it. I'm older than you, love color, and would absolutely wear colored skinnies. I just can't decide on the color. I like so many of them and I'm budgeted for only one pair. I'm leaning toward something in the blue family, although the bright orange/red ones are awfully tempting.

  2. pants look gorgeous on you. I, too, am on the hunt for the perfect pair of colored skinnies but it's just exhausting to try on pants after pants. I have a pair of red but find it so eye-catching. Looking for a pair of light green or cobalt blue.

  3. I think the pants look great on you! I am 49 - I have opted for the cafe capri version and not in the really bright colours. It is a real tightrope walk, deciding what one can or cannot get away with anymore...

  4. I have the same concerns that you do, it's a tough line to walk. I figured I would look for maybe a more toned down hue and avoid some of the zippers or other styling elements that might make them look too young for me.

  5. I think they look great on you and that you're styling them quite right, and I say wear them if you love them. I don't think wearing these pants is really an age issue at all -- I think the real issue for most of us is wearing them correctly.

    My 2 cents worth re: the important factors: (1) Your body type -- if, LIKE YOU, you have slim legs and a nice tush, they're going to be flattering. I'm a rectangle with slim legs (I have never had a waist no matter what I do) and I'm in good shape, so skinny pants in general are a very good look for me. They are for you, too. If you're blessed with a tiny waist and lovely "girls" but your legs aren't your best feature, this isn't EVER going to be the pants shape for you in any color. (2) Sizing with enough "forgiveness" -- They should be skinny but not jeggings-tight, which I do think is a trendy younger-gal look. When we try these pants on most of us will find that we could wear either of 2 different sizes in a skinny that has a bit of stretch. Nobody wants the dreaded rump-sprung/loose waistband look by mid-afternoon, but boy oh boy, you really have to be careful of the dreaded camel's hoof front and panty-line/shelf rear. So choose your size carefully. Looks like you did this right, too, with your Paiges. (3) What you wear with them -- And you did this right, too, in my book. Keep it classic and Audrey Hepburn-ish, I say. With my blue and green (!!) J. Crew toothpick twills I tend to wear something solid, quiet and untucked like a dark Tippi or a navy gingham perfect shirt, and ballet flats. I keep the jewelry minimal too.

  6. You have a great figure and the color of the jeans is so pretty. Still, it's tricky to know whether you can pull this off with confidence unless you try. I'm 26 and the legal age here is 18. I am still getting carded whenever I go somewhere alcohol is present so I will avoid this look because it will make me look younger, I think.

    Whether it's colored skinnies, a mini skirt or halter top, if you like the look and feel confident and wonderful in it then go for it. Same goes for a pencil skirt, cardigan or maxi dress IMO. There aren't so many hard rules these days, it's totally up to you.

  7. Wow - thanks everyone for the comments and compliments! I like the idea that is not age but rather how you feel in them and how you decide to wear them. I might try these with some more tops and see how I feel (plus see how they give a bit after wear). Love the discussion - thank you for chiming in everyone!