Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Madewell Review: Flannels - Bainbridge Plaid, Masmodil Plaid and Hanna Plaid

Mmm mmm flannel. Oooo do I love it in the winter. Flannel shirt, skinny jeans, booties. Done. My husband bought me those boots for Xmas. One of those I didn't know I needed these purchases that I am so excited about. I actually just asked for a plain pair of Uggs, but he hates them, so he got these. Still lined in fur but so much cuter!

Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Bainbridge Plaid (XS)

At first I felt a little blah about this one but it's really grown on me. It's a nice red plaid but more muted which I like - less holiday. The length is good and butt-covering and the ex-boyfriend shirt style is a nice fit - skimming but not too fitted or too sloppy. Soft and a good weight without being heavy. Overall nice!

Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Masmodil Plaid (XS)

Same fit but a lighter plaid. I liked it overall but did not love the orange-y color in it. I think it's a winner but you have to be okay with a bit of orange. Since I don't NEED a new flannel shirt I passed.

Rivet and Thread Flannel Shirt in Hanna Plaid (XS)

The colors in this one are quite lovely. It is longer overall - almost tunic length on my 5'4" frame. It also fits just a bit more snugly than the ex-boyfriend style. Overall, attractive.

I live in flannel shirts in the winter so I'm trying to figure out which one of the MANY I've tried that I want to keep. My next try-on is this one in the black watch plaid in an XXS. I'll let you know how it fits when it arrives.

Where have you found good flannel shirts this year?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

J. Crew Review: Lace Shift Dress, Long-Sleeve Dress in Floral Lace & Cap-Sleeve Sequin Dress

Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress (size 0)
 This dress is so user-friendly. Love that it skims the curves yet allows enough flexibility for my usual post dinner food baby. The lace is really lovely and solid - not worried about snagging it. I loved the bright blue but my husband thought that the color looked cheap. The grey is super elegant and not too bridal and of course navy is great for any occasion. A real winner!

Long-Sleeve Dress in Floral Lace (size 2)
Sorry about the socks. This dress is funky. First of all, I think it runs small. The size 2 barely fit. I could zipper it up I was just too lazy to do so. I just don't understand the lace, the flounce at the bottom, the waistband, the see-through sleeves. It is A LOT of look. It felt cheap to me. Both in quality and the way it made me feel in it. A big pass. I think if I try anything else in lace at J Crew, I would like to try the Collection Scalloped Lace Dress. Looks beautiful.

Cap-Sleeve Sequin Dress (size 2)
Yikes. Looks like I threw a bag over my body. I think I would have to take my usual shift size of 0. Even so, I'm a bit over the elastic waist thing. I need a little more structure in my dresses since baby #2 sort of stretched some things out in the waist area :) I do like the sequins and the color. So subtle. The high neckline is hard for me but elegant. Smaller busted ladies will look better. So take your smaller size on this one. If money were no option, I'd love to try the Collection Starry Sequin Dress. Or maybe even the romper?

What do you think?

Monday, December 28, 2015

J. Crew Review: Maddie Pant in Windowpane Jacquard

Happy Holidays! We are just returning from a wonderful trip to see grandparents, cousins, sisters and brothers. I'm exhausted but feel filled by so much family and holiday merriment. Of course, now I'm looking forward to some fun after Xmas sales! I have my eye on a few things including these pants:

Maddie Pant in Windowpane Jacquard (size 0)
So, the size 0's barely fit but they fit when I am actually weighing what I should be. Which I was. Before I went on vacation and ate everything all the time. Anyway, I love this fabric - it is quite thick and it is not stretchy whatsoever - therein lies the problem with weight fluctuation.

I really like the way this size actually curves in below my butt. Since the fabric is thick I feel like it should really fit close to the body. Very attractive pants that I would probably wear exactly this way. Except maybe I would pair them with my new Elsie D'Orsay pumps in red. Love these heels!

Maddie Pant in Windowpane Jacquard (size 2)
The size 2 looks fine from the front but I don't like the bagginess in the back of the thigh. Granted they are overall a little more comfortable but I'm not wearing these for comfort - I'm wearing them for a fancy night out! If you are in between sizes I would think about sizing up.

Maddie Pant in Bi-Stretch Cotton (size 2)
 I don't know how I never noticed these pants before. In a sea of ill-fitting, too tight, too high, too everything pants this season - these are amazing! I I would need my normal size 0 sine the waist was too big and there was bagginess in the crotch. This makes me a little nervous about the fit in the rear but I bet it would relax with wear. I wish these would pop back in the other colors as the only color available right now is white which I probably don't need. LOVE these. Cute zipper pockets that don't add bulk, good length for heels or flats, nice rise. PLEASE J Crew make these again in other colors!

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Madewell Review: Boucle Cardigan, Latitude Shirtdress, Flannel Oversized Boyshirt

Flannel Oversized Boyshirt in Dark Plaid (XS)
I was immediately drawn to ths dark plaid and the soft texture of the shirt. It feels like something softer than flannel - almost blanket like. Yum. But the shape - eek - so not flattering. It's really oversized so I recommend sizing down. I saw this Black Watch plaid shirt that I'd like to give a try. And check out this adorable Old Navy one for $18! And how adorable is this one?

 Boucle Cardigan Sweater (XS)

Mmm... I'm sort of obsessed with this sweater. My normal XS was basically acceptable but I would really like to find it in an XXS so the body fits just a wee bit closer. I love boucle - hides pilling and is so cozy and warm. Within a couple of minutes, I was sweating in this sweater (which I like because I'm always cold). It's lovely and the "double-breasted" closure makes it unique and fun.
If you're looking for something in a lighter color, this Anthropologie boucle cardigan is gorgeous. I keep on meaning to check out Topshop and this cardigan might just be the piece to push me. This one is pricier but super cool with it's marled texture. I do love the Lou & Grey line at Loft and this cardigan seems swingy and light. If I had lots of disposable income, of course I would choose this lovely Vince number. I love the way they balance laid-back oversized-ness with perfect drape.

 Latitude Shirtdress in Buffalo Check (XS)
I think this was down to $39.99 - 30% off sale. I still had to pass. The fit is just weird. The hips are definitely poufy and the pockets just don't lay right. It's a shame because it's super comfy and cute but I don't think it's for me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

J. Crew Review: Boyfriend Shirt in Ridge Plaid, Skinny Stretch Cargo and Contrast Floral Lace Skirt

Boyfriend Shirt in Ridge Plaid (size 2)
Hmm, yeah. I LOVE this plaid but I am not loving the fit. Boxy boxy boxy. I'm tired of boxy. I want at least slightly shaped. Also pockets with buttons on my chest are a no-go for me. Straight up dealbreaker. I like the idea of this one, and even more so this one with the chambray lining. Or how about some feminine colors for a chance? I'm also liking this semi-similar plaid from Madewell - the Flannel Slim Boyshirt in Lawndale Plaid . But really I'd like to try the Wrap Overlay Shirt in Wyatt Plaid - at least it's a different take on a standard.

Skinny Stretch Cargo (size 27)
I loves me some good skinny cargos but these do not work for me. High flap pockets on a big booty... just no. This is a size bigger than I usually wear and I would definitely need my normal size 26. I loved the color and the fabric - very soft - but those pockets are not doing me any favors. I did pick up these cargo pants and really like them a lot. Very soft and no butt pockets, yahoo!

Contrast Floral Lace Skirt (size 2)
This actually looks worse in the pictures than it did in real life. I do like seeing all the lace at J Crew. It's fun and an easy way to feel a little more dressed up. I am not, however, a fan of all these elasticized waists. They look so frumpy! This one wasn't THAT bad because the front seems a bit flatter and the skirt doesn't pouf out too much from that point. This length is really hard for me to carry off - just cuts off my legs so. Perhaps a petite?

The holidays are almost upon us and I think I'm done shopping for now. Can't wait to use my gift cards for the after holiday sales!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

J. Crew Review: Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace

Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace  (Size 2)
I have to admit, I am really drawn to lace when it is not too frilly. JC has been pumping out some really cute lace pieces. I like the color of these - between a forest green and a teal? The fit was fine and comfortable. I would prefer them a little slimmer since they are already a little relaxed looking with the elastic waist, so I would probably get a size 0 (size 2 was all they had at the time I ordered them). I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the beautiful lace hem that I had seen on the other pairs. The pink and black ones both have a slightly frilly lace hem which is a lovely detail. These are perfectly straight across the bottom.
Ultimately a pass for me as they were not special enough but I would definitely reconsider on super sale because who doesn't like a pair of pants with elastic that look fancy? The lace reminds of the lace on the sleeveless lace shift dress. Durable and sturdy but femininte.
JC also has the Collection cropped pant in french lace and the Collection cropped pant in Leavers lace. And of course the straight up Collection lace pant with those lovely elastic bottoms. The collection floral lace skirt looks promising but is a bit out of my price range!
Ann Taylor has some bonded lace slim ankle pants which look super adorable.

I'd like to try on some of the other versions before I pass judgement on the lace pant trend. I do find with the elastic waist that it's skirting a delicate line between sophisticated and grandma. I guess it's all in the styling.

What do you think of lace pants?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Madewell Review: Lace Magnolia Dress, Norwood Jumpsuit, Button-Down Tunic Shirt with Pockets, Slim Boyshirt in Tulsa Plaid

Slim Boyshirt in Tulsa Plaid (XS)

This was clearly a lone return on the sale rack. I believe it was around $49.99 minus 30% but you can find it for $23.85 HERE. I like the plaid quite a bit and I definitely like the slimmer silhouette. The material is REALLY thick - but again I like that. Everything was a go except it was a little too slim in the hips - which is weird because that is almost never a problem for me. I couldn't really get the last button to be closed and look casual so I figured that would always bother me and passed.
Madewell has some other nice slim boyshirts that I would definitely check out. I especially love the neutral slater plaid and the beautiful tempe plaid.

Button-Down Tunic Shirt with Pockets (XS)

Ooo I debated over this one. I like the hidden placket and the nice shape. I do not love the sheerness and the length. I'm looking for more of a regular white buttondown, not so much a tunic. The pockets are an adorable touch and overall this is true to size for Madewell. I'm wearing it with the The Crop Jean Jacket  which I highly recommend - definitely size up.

 Norwood Jumpsuit (size 2)
I think if I'm going to go jumpsuit it's going to have to be a little more covered/classy. The Sheer panel on the top along with the sweetheart-esque neckline felt way too 80's to me. Fit is pretty TTS and I did like the slit in the back.

 Lace Magnolia Dress (size 0)
The size 0 was tiiiiight. Then again, I was not really a size 0 in this picture. I love lace and the overall shape but I would say go with your usual J Crew non-shift dress size.

I do love Madewell but have been finding less there recently. I am stalking this sweater in an XXS (review upcoming) and might decide to keep this flannel (review also upcoming ).

What have you loved at Madewell?