Friday, February 27, 2015

Anthropologie Review: Sidewinder Blazer, Cabled Boucle Pullover, Zig Jacquard Cardigan, Neela Cable Cardi and Tartan Blanket Coat

I can't quite believe that Anthropologie has been offering an extra 25% off sale items for a week now! I was sure it would be just a weekend thing but I'm glad it's lasted. I've caught some nice popbacks of things that I've been wanting to try forever (including this lovely looking cable sweater) so I'm excited for those packages to arrive.

 Zig Jacquard Cardigan (XS)
I had been eyeballing this online for forever and am glad I got to see it in person. It's so cozy but I think it's a bit overwhelming on me (I'm 5'4"). The arms run a bit snug so keep this in mind on sizing.

A few more images. It's cute but I think I would have preferred it end higher up - like where the jacquard pattern is and forget that stripey business at the bottom. Very warm.

I'm not sure what to say about this one. I saw it on the rack and thought for sure I would be taking it home with me. I look like a demented Muppet (okay so the floral boots are not exactly helping). I think this coat would be helped be a taller stature. Also no fringe - something about the fringe adds to the crazy. I do like the colors and the idea however, just not right for me.

 Cabled Boucle Pullover (S) in Purple
This is a lot of sweater but man oh man is it cozy. I wish I could find it in a PXS but they seem to be sold out. I did get it in the neutral color in an XS and it fits a little bit better. It's cut sort of wide which makes it hang a bit funny on my chest. I do love the buttons and material.

 Neela Cable Cardi in Grey (XS)
The main body of this is like a sweatshirt lined with fleece - so cute. The cabling at the front is a nice detail. This is a great little cozy casual number if you like the whole open, high-low cardigan thing.

 Sidewinder Blazer (S)

This piece is so lovely and was a great deal with sale + 25%. This is one size up from my normal and is still quite snug - and not just in the chest - it's quite snug in the waist as well. I think this makes it look fairly dressy despite the casual material. The material is really cozy - feels sort of sweatshirt-y but not. Adorable and very flattering.

What have you been stalking during Anthro's extra 25% sale?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

J. Crew Flannel and Tee Shirts

Flannel. It is everywhere this winter and I want it. So cozy and just the right balance of masculine and feminine. There are a lot of different plaids to check out so if you take your time you can really find what you want. I'm really loving J Crew plaids but not so much the fit. Wish I could find both - can it really be that hard? I own this one from Brooks Brothers and it definitely fits the bill! Just enough of a boyfriend fit and a really nice, thick, soft cotton flannel! Would love to check out this one too. Isn't the check so lovely? A dressy enough flannel - I think I could wear it to work.

Painter Boatneck Tee (size S) in Heather Pepper
I do tend to stock up on t-shirts during sale time. I like the painter tees - not too thick but not thin like the vintage cotton ones. Also like the wider neckline on this one - imperative for me with my current bust size. I found this particular shade of grey to be a bit blah and too close to white for my taste but overall I like the fit. I always size up with these shirts.

 Shrunken Boyshirt in Cerise Plaid (size 2)

Here is a perfect example of liking the bad but feeling meh about the fit. The plaid is lovely in a nice shade of red with navy. The fit is weird. Overall the shirt is a little short and almost feels like it has a slightl trapeze shape. I like it better with the half tuck -but who am I kidding? It's going to stay like that for about 2 minutes. Also not very flannel-y, just cotton-y. Not sure about this one. 

Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Dark Plaid (size 0)

This plaid I ADORE. The orange and grey is a lovely combo and the flannel is super duper soft. The reviews ain't lying when they say the shirt is cut REALLY high on the sides. I think it would lay better if this huge slits weren't there. I don't mind the flap pockets because they lay pretty flat. This is a size down from my normal and I'd say it fits fine but I might prefer my normal size. I think it's flattering enough but I would definitely prefer it if the slits were lower. Hmm...

 Linen-Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee (size S and XS) in Heather Pewter
Found this on the sale rack - love it. Not exciting but I really like the curved hem and the open neck. The drop shoulder is unnecessary but it doesn't bother me.

Here's the extra small which also fit fine so I'd say it is TTS. Excuse the lump where my belly button is. That's my good ol' umbilical hernia from being pregnant. Ugh. My only reservation with this shirt is that it is a teeny tiny bit scratchy because of the linen content.

That's it for now. What has been your favorite flannel this season?

J. Crew New Arrivals - Tops, Skirts and a Dress

Walking in to J Crew the other day was so refreshing! Spring has arrived and while we are still buried under piles of snow here in the Northeast it did give some hope. I'm encouraged by some of the colors and silhouettes. Although there is nothing on my must have list yet, I'm sure by spring there will be a few beauties that I want to take home. Excuse the dorky black socks in all the pictures - it's way too cold to take them off!

Graphic Peony Top (size 2)
Ok. I really don't understand why they made the little fluttery sleeves go all the way down the sides of one's boobs. I think it looks really goofy. The peony print is sweet and I like the contrasting stripes but the boob frill is really unnecessary. Reminds me of those lizards that poof out their frills around their heads. 

This guy just makes me laugh. Now imagine him in the peony print. Snarf.

Tilly Sweater (S) in Bright Spearmint?
I've really wanted to try this new sweater on but every time I thought I grabbed it, it was actually a Tippi. The color is quite lovely and I like the wider neckline. Those high necks are no good on me. The length would be good with one of my more high waisted skirts but I prefer longer sweaters with pants. I think this was a small and if I were to wear this with a skirt I would probably prefer a more fitted XS. I was thinking of pairing it with this Cotton Pleated Skirt.

Jet Set Geo Shift Dress (size 2)

This was probably my favorite of the day. I LURVES a good shift dress and this one is quite cute. Crisp cotton, good straight shape, not too short. The zippers ALL the way up the sides are a bit odd but I guess it makes it a bit different. I've always the Jules dress to work for me at J Crew and it never has. I think this is similar but actually lays nicely on my body. TTS.

Firework Floral Skirt (size 2)
I just don't like this print at all but I do like this skirt. Really thick and structured so the pleats lay nicely. Decent length (I'm 5'4"). The waist felt slightly snug and I can't really say if the skirt runs a teeny bit small or if this is just from my newly expanded waistline. If you like this print, I think this skirt is one of the better pieces.

Pleated Midi Skirt in Stripe (size 2)
I feel like this is Little House on the Prarie meets Cell Block Nine. It will definitely look cool on some ladies but I didn't like it on me. The waistline is a bit frilly (you can sort of see from the side pic) which makes it hard to tuck anything in although I guess you wouldn't want to tuck anything into this skirt anyway? The pleats are fine and the material feels pretty good but I just felt dowdy. Perhaps better on the taller and straighter.

That's all I found for now. Hard to even think about spring since it was -2 here this morning!

What are your favorites from the new arrivals?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt, Chevron Crop Sweater, Long Sleeve Tunic Dress

I haven't had much time to stop by my beloved Madewell as of late but I did place an order recently. They have been having a surprising number of good promos so I've learned to jump on the things I'm interested in before they sell out. Their shirts have been awkward on me this year - too short and too boxy - but I wanted to give the ex-boyfriend shirt a try anyway. Always love their relaxed dresses - so easy to wear and go with everything from legs and ankle boots to leggings and flats.

Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Aurora Plaid (XS)
Nothing is really wrong with this shirt, I just think it's really boring. Even the shade of blue is a bit yawn. Basically TTS. Pretty long as you can see - it covers my rear at 5'4". The thing I really didn't like was the tab at the neckline - you can see if in the close up picture. I knew it would bother me. Overall a little masculine for my test - if I'm going to do flannel I have to "girl it up" a bit.

 Long Sleeve Tunic Dress (XS)
I started stalking this after realizing that my beloved tunic dress from years ago got totally shrunk by the darn dry cleaners. Rayon and dry cleaning is a terrible mix I'm finding. I like the little black color hiding underneath the neckline and the truly simple silhouette. I like the drape on the XS and would almost consider sizing up to a small for even more slouchiness.

 Long-Sleeve Tunic Dress (XXS)
The XXS fit dine as well. A little shorted and a bit too tight across the bustline but basically fit otherwise. I think you can size up or down in this dress and it won't really matter. Wish the green were a little more vibrant but overall pleased with this dress.

This sweater runs quite small. Arms are a bit tight and I have pretty small arms. You should definitely size up 1 or possilby 2 sizes. The chevron pattern is lovely and it's very comfortable.  You can see at the side view how far it comes up  - it's definitely cropped without being overly so. I would like it over a nice buttondown. The cropped look is a bit hard to pull off when you are busty but if I was going to do it I think this would be a nice choice.

What have you found at Madewell lately?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals - Pants Edition

So, I was really excited to see lots of new pants styles being offered this season. Although I love me some good skinny pants, I'm really trying to add some other styles to my closet. I think these new styles will work well for some but I don't think they are working for me. Judge for yourself :)

Ryder Pant (size 2) in Peacock Blue
 Yikes. Tight tight tight. My (new) normal size 2 is snuggity snug and not in all the right places. The rise is too high on my short-waisted frame and even the legs manage to be too tight. Waist slightly snug too. They are very similar to the minnues but worse on me. The length is nice. Couldn't wait to get them off.

 Drawstring Foulard Pant (size 2)
 I love a good foulard and I thought this were pretty cute. WHY OH WHY did they have to put ginormous pockets on my butt? Seriously, JC? They are cute and dressy but those weird flap pockets just ruin it for me. Otherwise cute and TTS.

Turner Pant (size 2) in Bistro Blue
 When I saw these in the sale section I got very excited. I missed trying them on before and thought for sure I would be able to take them home with me. They're not bad but that sad view is scary. I don't even know what it reminds me of but it's not good. Florida Grandma for sure. How are other people making these look so cute? I think the elastic at the bottom scares me a bit and the color is not helping things.

Here's the other problem - big zipper pockets and crazy high thick elastic waist. Boo.

 Reese Pant (size 2) in Grey Rhapsody
 The Reese Pant gave me hope where the Turner pant failed me. I like that there is an interesting hem and no elastic at the bottom. Too much material in the crotch area though and total diaper butt. Also, for pants that are flowy I'm seeing an awful lot of lumps and bumps. Double boo.

Hey there ladies, want to accompany me to the retirement home tonight? I'm trying to show all the extra material that bunches up when you move.

Tuxedo Pant in Retro Floral (size 0)
Ah, drapey pants that work! I tried on the size 0 just for comparison. Too tight - lost the nice flowiness.

 Tuxedo Pant in Retro Floral (size 2)
 I feel like these are quite flattering and they are certainly comfortable. This was not my favorite print this season but I like that they feel good and look good and could be paired with a nice black blazer for work.

How are you liking the new pants silhouettes at J Crew this season?