Tuesday, September 23, 2014

J. Crew Review: Flannel Shirt in Brilliant Sea Check

About 1 week to go for me so this one is a stretch... literally. I've been enjoying previewing some of the new fall arrivals at J Crew and Madewell while knowing that I can't possibly purchase anything yet. I love a good button-down and I know I'm going to have to buy a few new ones for work since my old size isn't going to quite make it over my hormonal boobs any time soon. Of course, this shirt is not exactly work wear but I was drawn to the gorgeous color and wanted to give it a go.

Flannel Shirt in Brilliant Sea Check (size 4)

 I've been going up a size in shirts for the aforementioned reason. This one was still a bit snug in the bust but not terrible. The material feels nothing like flannel to me. In fact, it feels almost summer-weight - sort of gauzy. It feels really nice but doesn't scream "fall" to me. The fit through the shoulders and waist is great - really nicely shaped. I think you need that with a fairly masculine looking shirt like this.

 Cute and cute. Excuse the hand. There was no way this was getting buttoned and I don't think anyone needs to see my stretched out belly button right now :). I was surprised by this shirt. I thought for sure it would feel too lumberjack-y to me but I really liked it. The fit is so feminine that it balances the other elements out. I could do without the buttoned pockets across the chest - adds extra bulk that I don't need.

Here's my quality issue - upon unbuttoning the shirt, several of the buttonholes snagged on string and left this lovely mess. For $89.50, I would expect better.

I did order a shirt from Brooks Brothers during their friends and family and I can bet the quality will be far better (and the price unbeatable - around $33.75). I'll review that when it comes.

What do you think of the "Flannel" shirt in Brilliant Sea Check?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Silk Gardengate Dress, Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress, Sculptor Cardigan

Hopped into my local Madewell the other day and was very impressed with the fall offerings. There is a lot to love. Here are a few quickie reviews:

Silk Gardengate Dress (size 0)

First off, let me say that I am shocked that I could get into a size 0 being 38 weeks pregnant - so definitely size down on this one. I am really in love with this print - so sweet without being childish. I'm not sure how the drop waist would look without the belly. I did drop waists in the 80's/90's so it's hard to go back. There is some give in the fabric and overall this dress is well made and comfortable. Wish the sale price would drop a little.

 Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress (XS)

I really have too many shift/sweatshirt style dresses but man are they practical! I love the little contrasty sleeves and the seam going across the middle. The material is a nice soft terry and I love the "cuff" hem and the length. This might be on my post-preg wishlist since it will hide post-baby tummy but still look cute.

 Sculptor Cardigan (XXS)

It's hard to see how cool this sweater is from the pictures but it's really different and interesting. Makes me feel like a groovy art teacher or something. I sized down which I think was the right decision, but with this style it probably doesn't matter that much. I would call it a cocoon shape - definitely has the batwing thing going on - but then also has these nice "lapels" in the front. The knit is thick and soft. Definitely a winning piece.

Cleanline Crop Sweatshirt (XS)
For some reason I forgot to take pictures of this one but I loved it. I would layer it over a cute buttondown or striped tee. Currently on sale for $49.99.

There is a lot to love at Madewell right now but I'm trying to wait until the baby comes out :)

What are you loving at Madewell these days?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brooks Brothers Picks - Liberty shirts

I don't shop at Brooks Brothers that often but I like cruising their sale section every once in a while. I certainly feel like their clothes are well made and they always do a few liberty prints that catch my eye. Here are some cute things I noticed the other day including some J Crew liberty prints that you may have missed out on!

Calfskin Gladiator Sandals in Navy

Love a good navy sandal - not easy to find. The price is decent and I bet these are well made - fully leather lined with a leather sole - yes please.

Tailored Fit Cotton Shirt

Brooks Brothers shirt fit wonderfully. Really accentuate the curves and have just the right length. If I'm not mistaken this print is the same as the "Floral Eve" print from J. Crew. I was always a little sad I missed out on this one although I defintiely prefer the Brooks Brothers shape to the popover shape at J Crew. The starting price point is about the same as the J Crew one.

Tailored Fit Cotton Shirt 

Here's another look alike to the Strawberry Thief Floral, although again I prefer this button down as opposed to the popover shape of the J. Crew one.

Wool Cape

This is still pricey, even on sale, but it sure is cute. I've never owned a BB sweater but I imagine it does not pill as much as some others. The shape is so cute and of course I love a good navy.

Long-Sleeve Cotton Black Watch Dress

How cute is this? I am such a sucker for black watch plaid. Yum. Plus love that this is cotton and has its own little self-tie belt. Adorable. And because it is their Red Fleece Line I know the fit will be more modern and less "ladies who lunch".

Overall, I'm impressed with some of Brooks Brothers offerings. I will definitely be keeping my eye on that liberty shirt and hoping for a sale. Do you ever shop at Brooks Brothers?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

J. Crew Review: Endless Shirt in White

I know lots and lots of bloggers have reviewed this shirt but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. After la bebe makes her arrival, I will eventually have to go back to work and look somewhat presentable. And will have to find some sort of shirts to fit over the new lady parts up top. So, I ordered up a size on this one knowing that I have already gone up a cup size or 2.

Endless Shirt in White (size 4)

I do have a love affair with J Crew buttondowns. I really really love them. They make everything look good. The top of this is lovely - nice crisp collar, buttons at the correct intervals, good fit in shoulders. I'm not sure about the crazy length. Since I'm not prone to wear tunics to work I'm not exactly sure what to do with all those extra tailfeathers in the back. I love the idea of a shirt peeking out from under a sweater but this is a lot of shirt. Anyway, the fit was good in size 4 so I'm sure this would be TTS.

Love the crispness. The material is slightly thin and quite stretchy which can be a bit of a problem with bra showage. The sleeves are also extra long but I love that. I have long arms for my body so I always appreciate a little extra coverage and the option to roll.

* Thanks to Gigi who suggested I post my height - 5'4". Average so you can see the shirt is quite long!*

I may consider this as workwear later but will have to see how it fits without the belly. Overall, nice.

What do you think?