Sunday, June 30, 2013

J Crew Reviews: Tuxedo Stripes and Sparkles

Moving. Why is it so stressful? Why am I so bad at transitions? Ugh. For 1 week in, our place is looking pretty good - very livable which is all I wanted. But now we're down to the dregs. Those boxes that you open and wonder what you were thinking when you packed them. My whole goal in going from an apartment to an actual house is to spread stuff out. So that I might actually be able to find it! Needless to say, I've been looking for a break from my unpacking and I might have found myself at J Crew once, or maybe even twice (insert sheepish grin). Here's what I found during the recent 30% promo.

Perfect Shirt in Lodden Paisley
I've tried this on before and at $69.99 - 30% it's a pretty good deal for Liberty print. J Crew definitely does button down shirts right and this one is no exception. I'm usually drawn to darker colors but I think the print is really feminine and sweet for spring/summer.

This I found shocking - they are already on sale for $69.99 in store! I love anything with a tuxedo stripe so I had to have these. I do find they run a little bigger than the other cafe capris but I sort of liked that. Super cute and an easy transition into fall. They are navy, which I am an absolute sucker for.

 Space-dyed Sparkle Sweater (XXS)
Yes I've tried this on before too. I think it will get cut even more since it doesn't really seem to be moving. The space-dye effect is quite lovely and there are several sparkly tones in there - olive, copper, gold. The style is oversized so I decided to size down on this one.

 Camp Tunic Dress (size 0)
Yet another try-on repeat but this time in a size smaller. I think this dress is so preppy cute! I was on the fence about the size 0 because it is a bit short and a tiny bit snug up top but I love the way it fits through the waist and hips. The cotton is really crisp and the sleeves have roll tabs. I think you could easily pop it over some white jeans in summer or skinny pants in fall.

 Maritime Blazer in Placed Stripe (XS)
I like the idea of this blazer but I did not like the color - the creaminess of it was not flattering to my skin tone. It fits like your usual J Crew blazer and is nice and stretchy. I've never really liked J Crew blazers on my body. Something about the way they nip in at the waist but then continue to taper - I find it unflattering. Just my 2 cents.

 Sparkle Crewneck Sweater (XXS) in Sparkle Sky
Sparkles! I was really curious about this sweater. It's cute and I like the subtle blue color and sheerness for summer. I sized down and still felt like there was plenty enough room.

 Boyfriend Popover in Placed Stripe (size 2)
This is a horror show. Woah. WAY oversized and so square. And the stripes just say prison. I'm not sure how this could be fixed. It's a shame because the "placed stripe" is the only thing this shirt has going for it.

Short-Sleeve Summerweight Boyfriend Sweatshirt (XXS) in Vintage Champagne
I weirdly sort of liked this but I think I should have stuck with my regular size for a more slouchy "boyfriend" fit. It's a rather thick sweatshirt material for summer and I'd rather it be a little shorter. The neckline stood up a little and was too high for my liking.

 Vintage Cotton V-neck Tee (XS)
I like these little t-shirts but the vee was a bit too low for me. They are perfect for summer with the thinner weight material. I think I'll stick to the round neck ones.

 Knit Tunic Dress with Marled Trim (XS) in Navy
I adore this little dress. Pockets, cute trim, navy (yes I have a problem with both navy and sparkles). But, I just couldn't figure out where I'd wear it besides over a swimsuit. It's a but low cut in the front and way too short to wear around town. It's a shame, if it was a few inches longer it would be a wonderful throw-on-and-go dress.

 Colorblock Flare Mini (size 0)
Even the SA warned me that this skirt was fitting weird. The waist was way too big and the pleats didn't lay correctly. I think if I sized down it might be rather cute. This is definitely a skirt that needs to be worn at the waist and not at the hips. The material was a nice weight and the idea is sweet. A bit worried about pleats since in the 2nd photo they make me look like I have some sort of hoop skirt underneath.

Overall I have not been thrilled with J Crew's summer offerings. At least there have been some good bargains to be had!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: Tag Sale Finds

I have to remind myself every year - don't get too excited for the tag sale! I usually do much better just waiting for markdowns on some of my favorite pieces. Still, just the words "tag sale" draw me in like a moth to flame. Now, of course, I'm just waiting for an extra percent off so I can justify a few fun summer purchases. What's amazing to me is that the sale room at my local Anthro is really empty! This is bad news for extra discounts in the near future, but we'll see.

Songbird Dress (size 2)
When this first came out I loved it! Anything with birds - yes, please. When I saw that it was on sale for $39.95, I was shocked. The size 2 fit well in the waist and hips but the bodice was slightly big (which is odd since usually things are tight in the chest for me). The sleeves were also a little overly poufy for my taste. All these things could be forgiven but the polyester could not. It just felt cheap.

Here's another picture to show how the top is a bit off. If you look under my arms that is out to the side you can see the extra material.

Tisa Swing Dress (size 0)
I tried this on previously in a 2 and here it is in the 0. Not a huge difference but it felt a bit better under the arms. This is really an easy beautiful dress. So comfortable and yet doesn't look frumpy. I can't justify the $128 price tag right now but I'll definitely be keeping my out for a possible sale on this one.

 Macrame Day Dress (XS) in Blue
This dress seems to run a little big. You'll notice my bra is peeking out under the arms. The fit is definitely "relaxed" as it is shown in the product shot. It felt very comfortable and I like the little macrame detailing and the color. It's quite long so this is a dress for you taller ladies.

 Islington Pencil Dress (size XS) - previously reviewed here
This dress is very flattering and basically true to size, especially with all the stretch. I do think it looks a little cheap - a la Forever 21. I was really on the fence as it is marked down to $39.95 and the shape is super flattering.

 Unknown Blouse
Cuffed Twill Shorts (size 2) in Green
Can someone please help on the blouse name? I forgot to write down the name on the tag. I absolutely adored it. The gold sequin placket made it stand out and the pattern was really fun. Most of all, though, I loved the fit. Just skimming the body and the rayon-y material had a bit of give to it.
The shorts are so flattering. Long enough but not frumpy and the fit is spot on. The minty green color is really fun. I think $50 is a lot for shorts but at least these are on the dressier side.

 Clover Valley Tunic (Size 2)
The print is so lovely and the neckline sort of fun. I do not understand the ruffle at the bottom. Why, oh why, couldn't they make this just a regular sweet blouse with a great print and a fun neckline?

 Piped Silk Tank in Orange (size 2)
What a fun easy piece! Love the contrasting stripe down the back. Definitely more of a swing shape so very breezy for summer. Plus, who doesn't love silk? Runs slightly big.

 Spun Eyelet Blazer (size 4) by LeifNotes
This was clearly a random return. What an adorable, fun piece! I'm really loving all the eyelet this season and the feminine shape of this blazer is a nice complement to the feminine material. Reviews of this blazer mention tight arms but I didn't find that to be the case. This is one size up from my normal size which is often the case with Leifnotes or Leifsdottir.

Jukka Silk Blouse (XS)
This is a cute basic silk blouse. I do love the lace yoke. The fit is pretty boxy and oversized but it drapes pretty well. The color was not amazing on my skin and I just felt like it was a little too boring. Would look lovely tucked into a more interesting pencil skirt.

More reviews to come. What are you coveting from the Tag Sale?

Friday, June 28, 2013

J. Crew Review - Pencil Wrap Skirt

This is my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone so I hope it goes okay! It did not go okay because I cannot figure out how to add photos! eludes me.
I have been absent because we finally moved into our new house but we do not have Internet or tv or air conditioning for that matter! Nonetheless it is wonderful to finally have some more space and a yard! I should be up and fully running by Friday or Saturday and I have a ton of back logged reviews so get ready!
I am back and have internet and loads and loads of reviews so I will be a busy little blogging bee for at least the next week or so. Unpack a box, post a review, set up our closet, post a review. It's nice to have a break from the monotony of "where do I put this"? To kick things off, here is a quickie review of an adorable little skirt that is lingering in the sale section at J Crew.

Pencil Wrap Skirt (size 0)

This is my normal J Crew skirt size and I felt as though it fit perfectly. It is quite a charming little skirt and feels well made. I wish I had taken some pictures of the inside because the inside mechanics are interesting. There is a zipper and then lots of buttons to complete the wrap. I like this because it felt secure once it was on. The material is a nice weight "matte satin" which feels a bit like taffeta to me. The pleats at the waist lay pretty nicely and I think overall this is a flattering skirt. Very Kate Spade.

I'm trying to show how the skirt looks are you move (of course why you would move your body in a way like the above picture is without explanation :). Because of the stiffer material, it retains its overall shape quite well.

More reviews to come...

What will you pick up during this most recent 30% off promo?

Friday, June 14, 2013

J. Crew Review: Extra 30% lures me back...

I've already referenced this over on JCrewAficionada, but, I went in with the sole purpose to buy the Cashmere Collection Tippi in Candy Stripe. I have been coveting this sweater like nobody's business but also have no business spending almost $250 on something in colors that will probably out in a year's time. I was so happy to see the sweaters neatly laid out on a table when I noticed something. The snow multi color (which is lovely) was $89.99 but the color I wanted was $169.99. What? Are you even kidding? I even had the SA check for me. Disappointment. As long as I was there, I had to try on a few things.

Cotton Faille Pull-On Short (size 0) in Spring Green
 I can't decide if these are a great idea or an absolute shorts abomination. The back view is certainly no pleasure. They are very comfy but besides the fact that they look like my old gym shorts, the really aren't doing much for my body shape. Oddly they are almost sold out online. This makes me feel old and confused about fashion.

 Cafe Trouser in Cotton (size 0) in Desert
I just bought a pair of Cafe Capris and actually sized down to a 00. With these I would definitely NOT want to do that. They were fairly snug on my bottom. The lines are really nice but the inseam was so short! Online it states that the inseam is 33" but I think these were definitely 30". Besides that, nice casual work pants. Nothing to groundbreaking. 

 Retail Only? Blue Caftan - Style #: 81091
 This must be retail only because I refused to believe it is sold out and I cannot find it online. I might wear this if I was vacationing somewhere tropical but I can't see incorporating it into my daily life. It's extremely lightweight but pretty boxy. Not much to say about this one.

 Collection Featherweight Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Candy Stripe (S and XS respectively)
 The hills are alive... with the sound of ... neon cashmere. When I saw this sweater, my little heart went pitter patter. I have loved this one since it came out months ago. I'm still hoping it will stick around long enough to get marked down to $89.99 and a percentage off but we'll see. I guess that's the sale game!

 I'm not sure if I like the slightly slouchy look of the S better than the fitted version of the XS. They both fit nicely and have plenty of length. I don't want it to look sloppy but sometimes I like a little extra room up top.

 Painter Tee in Colorblock (XS) in Vintage Champagne Papaya
 This is simply adorable. XS is too tight for my taste, I would definitely size up to a small. I'm not sure how one can get excited about a tee but as my SA said, "Sometimes JCrew just does something so right." It's a nice weight cotton (think fall more than summer).

 Origami Bow Dress in Stretch Wool (size 2) in Seaside Coral
 I do believe I need a size down in this one. It's such a cute idea but the fit on me is so off. There was all this strange gathering around my chest and the skirt was pretty huge. The bows look a little sad to me. I think if you're gonna go bow, you gotta go all the way - perky bows!

What are you stalking this round of 30%? What size do you like better in the cashmere tippi?