Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Sale and New Dresses

I'm in a rush today so here are a few quick reviews:

Lace Peplum Blouse in Black (size 2)
The whole peplum thing is generally not my style but it's growing on me. I am always looking for dressy black tops that I can perform in and I think this one would fit the bill. I found it quite flattering and it accommodated my bust perfectly while really nipping in at the waist. It felt slightly snug in the back in my normal size 2 and since I would be wearing this for playing piano I decided to order a 4 for a little more room. The peplum on this top sticks out a little more than others I've tried but I think with a slim fitting bottom it could be cute. The opaque layer underneath the bodice is great. No see through at all.

Striped Raglan Sweatshirt (XS)
Even on sale this is too expensive - it's paper thin! If it gets another cut, I'd buy it. It's very soft, the colors are lovely and I adore the little buttons on the shoulder. My one complaint is that the pocket is a little droopy which looks a little odd. 

Islington Pencil Dress (XS)
This dress is basically pure polyester for a high price tag. It is super cute though. I like the mid-length and the seams really help cut out an hourglass figure. It's very comfortable and flattering and while I initially thought the XS was going to be too tight it actually has plenty of room. I'm not thrilled about the overlay sticking out and away from the dress at the hemline. It's weird this is a newer arrival because it reads winter to me.

 Bottlegreen Dress (size 2)
This dress is not at all my style but I tried it on for the heck of it. If you are into this style and shape, I think you'll love it! The shade of aqua/turquoise is sort of odd to me. Not light enough to be sort of minty but too not dark enough to feel saturated and bright. My normal size 2 was way too tight on my bust as you can see from the side picture. Otherwise I fit quite well.

 Mod-Stripe Chemise (XS)
I just blogged about this but tried it on again. I'm totally smitten and the price is right! I'm really kicking myself for not getting this during the 20% off. It's comfy, just the right length and the buttons on the sleeves are a great detail!

Fluffed Hedgie Pullover (XS)
Love hedgehogs. Almost as much as I love foxes. This sweater is all sorts of bizarre but I adore it. The fit is perfect - just enough room but very body skimming. Lovely shape, adorable hedgehog, I want it. Wish it came in more colors.

That's it for now. Did anyone else indulge in the big sale yesterday?

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  1. der...yeah, I'm wishing I'd asked if they had other sizes of the mod-stripe chemise in my store during the sale. It really is pretty perfect!

    On the other hand, I did order the green Lousa shift with the 20% off and it really is lovely. So glad I broke down and ordered it- the fabric is such a thick, rich texture, and a great shade of green!

    Of course I should be fainting over the bottlegreen dress but
    somehow it just feels a touch meh.

    The lace peplum should be perfect for performing- lovely shape and texture.

    (eek- no joke, my verification code was just 'twatcrap'- seriously?!)