Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Spring pretties!

This week is "Arts Showcase" week at my school and being the resident pianist, that means a lot of work for me. It's fun and so inspiring to see all the girls get up and perform, sing, dance and act. I'm always completed shocked by a quiet girl who gets on stage and wows me with her poise and stage presence. You never know what amazing creative beings are lurking behind all those crazy hormones!

Anyhoo... I had a little break and decided to completely remove myself from the craziness of it all to try on a few things at Anthro. Please excuse the color of the photos - my dressing room had particularly bad lighting.
Here's what I found:

Maes Silk Kimono (XS)
The print on this is absolutely lovely. I was immediately drawn to it. The fit, however, is off. This is an XS and I felt like I was drowning in it. I know it's "kimono style" but I don't think it should look this sloppy. The vee in the front is also quite low. Overall, meh.

 Seaside Blouse in Green Motif (size 2)
Birds! How I love them. Can't resist trying on anything with a bird on it. I was surprised to see that this shirt was made of silk. You know how sometimes the silk just feels a little off, not as luxurious? I think the fit is off on this one. I look like a big box. Makes me think of David Byrne in that crazy shouldered suit he wore during his SNL (?) performance years ago. I may have dated myself by that comment. Anyway, very boxy and although I adore the color and birds, I think it looks a bit cheap.

 Caraiva Maxi Dress (size 2) in Blue
This is what I would consider a wedding maxi dress - feels more elegant and dressy than a daytime number. The fit is very flattering and nipped in at the waist. May have been slightly snug on my large chest. It has pockets! How darn cute is that?

 Ribboned Quilotoa Dress (size 2)
I never ever try on strapless dresses because of the aforementioned large chest problem but I couldn't resist this one. So sunny and cheerful and well.... summery! The size 2 fit really well but was a bit snug in the chest. There is a stretchy smocked panel on the back which certainly helped but I still felt like I was spilling out of it. Has that nice sticky stuff along the top so it won't fall off. LOVE it. Maybe I'll go back and try it with my strapless bra on?

 Banded Totem Shift (size 2)
What else do I like almost as much as birds (and foxes)? Rainbows! This was very fitted which I appreciated. You need a clean silhouette when there is this much going on. I feel like it could have been better without the design on the front - just stick to colorful stripes. I bit snug in shoulder/chest area. Not loving the high neck on me. At all.

Byron Lars Twist-Front Camp Shirt (size 4)
I can't seem to find the name of this shirt. Thanks to greatbleuheron I found out this is the Twist-Front Camp Shirt by Byron Lars. I tried it on because I already own a Byron Lars shirt just like this that I bought at a consignment shop. I love the idea. The shirt I own is a bigger size and still extremely snug while this one is quite roomy in my normal size 4. I supposed he vanity sized for his anthropologie collection. I think it's a wonderful twist on a classic white shirt.

 Empire Day Dress (XS) in Blue
I'm always hoping maxi dresses will look on my but I often find they don't. The shape of the front does nothing for me and I'm not sure why. Showing the back because it hangs very low, i.e. too lower for bra. Maybe this one was just stretched out from being on the hanger.

 Spring Stripe Midi Dress (size 2 or 4)
Cheerful stripes! Who can stay away from them? I'm not sure what to make of this dress. Is it a nightgown? Kidding but that's how I feel in it. I almost liked it (especially when I imagined how cool and comfortable I would be in it) but I don't think it's flattering.

 Petaluma Peep Hem Dress (XS) in Black
Ya know, this dress isn't so bad for $78. It's sooooo comfortable, basically cute and has pockets. It seems so easy to throw on and wear to anything. I'd love to see the other motif. There is no zipper so you have to pull it over your head. I was nervous at first but it wasn't really a problem. Cute peekaboo hem.

MYSTERY SALE SHIRT  Tandem Henley (size XS)
Can someone please help me identify this? Thanks to greatbleuheron again! It's by Le Phare de la Bateine and called the Tandem Henley. It's basically a glorified sweatshirt but I looooooves it.

That's it for now. Hope you are getting some spring time weather where you are! We had our first beautiful day here and it was so glorious to be outside!


  1. Cute things at Anthro. My style is back to being away from theirs, not so much a match, but I like what you shared. Esp the maxi!

    1. I know what you mean. Anthro and I were in a wild romance last year but now I'm just finding a few pieces that speak to me and generally they are more basic pieces: shift dresses, nice knit shirt, etc.

  2. Thanks for trying on the blue maxi--I've had my eye on that one. It looks good on you, and I'm encouraged to try it for myself.

    Below are links to the two shirts you wondered about (I had them on my wishlist). I suspect you can't find the names because they're both sold out now. I bought the Byron Lars twist shirt, but I'm not quite sure about it--is it chic, or does it make my waist look bunchy? Maybe not being sure is reason enough to take it back!
    Fitted Scoopneck Henley, also called the Tandem Henley (former name on my wishlist, latter name on the product page)
    Twist-Front Camp Shirt

    1. Thank you thank you! for some reason it bothers me when I don't know the name of something! I know what you mean about the Byron Lars shirt. I thought my plaid one was very cool when I bought it but when I wore it I sort of felt like a kooky old lady. If you're not loving it, return it!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about sale room mystery pieces- I mean, I'm sure I look at everything online a million times and yet I occasionally find things on sale that have appeared out of nowhere. Found a really cute Moth cardigan/knit jacket thing awhile back- would love to know what it was called :)

    I don't know that Phare top either, but it's cute!

    Love that blue maxi- I was hoping those would be good quality, and I think they're a nice price, right? And the chartreuse Quilotoa dress is amazing- I love the detail on it!

  4. I really like the Totem shift on you and the design really does break up all those vertical stripes. It is tough to wear high neck clothes with big girls...sometimes you feel like one big boob. Although the Quilota dress looks great on you, I have never seen anyone, big boobed or not, wear a strapless dress without tugging it up constantly. Thanks for the Anthro posts - I need them.

  5. The solid blue maxi dress looks fantastic on you - thanks for these reviews!