Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Spring Lovelies

Just some quickie reviews today!

Swiss Spritz Blouse (size 2)
 I rather loved this although I'm not sure it was super flattering. My usual size 2 felt like the right size, I think this blouse is supposed to be a relaxed fit. I'm a sucker for anything in navy and I really liked this particular shade of navy. The sleeves are a little poofy for my taste but the open lace work is gorgeous. Very cute and reasonably priced.

Daytrip Buttondown (XS)
I was immediately drawn to this shirt when I saw it in the catalog. The color is vibrant and so summery but the fit is not flattering at all. The shoulders feel to big and the overall fit is sloppy. You can see from the side shot that it is almost a swing shape and less of a fitted buttondown shape. Looks better tucked in but still too big. The material is a very lightweight cotton which would be great for the warmer months. Insert sad face.

Edelweiss Tulle Tunic (XS)
Hmm. The pictures do not make this look good but it is a beautiful piece. I love all the lace details along the front. The fit in the top is snug but in a flattering way - otherwise you would have a big shapeless hunk of lace. The gathering in the back is nice to give it some shape but sort of pulled the whole thing out of balance. I particularly noticed this in the side view. Sort of maternity like. I do love the top portion.

 Cereja Dress (size 4)
I sized up in this dress because I usually find Karen Walker to run a bit small. The cherry print is so cute and cheerful. The dress was a bit challenging to get into. It's a wrap style but the inner wrap is fixed so you have to wriggle your way in without breaking it. I would prefer my normal size 2 in this for sure. One adorable detail is a snap at the bustline so you don't have to worry about your bra peeking out. Love that. Overall cute but a bit too ruffly for my personal style.

First Blush Dress (size 2)
I thought this was going to be a shapeless mess but it was quite the opposite! It nips in beautifully at the waist and the print (the word LOVE printed in different orientations all over it) is charming without being overly cutesy. I wish it came in a more playful color and the neckline wasn't quite so closed at the top (I would be tempted to cut off the little ties). Overall cute and flattering and a nice, appropriate length. My usual size 2 felt slightly snug but good.

Accordion Midi Dress (XS)
This is sort of an odd dress - a little too Morticia Addams for me - but it is vaguely flattering. Very comfortable and comes with its own inner knit slip. I don't like the way it makes my hips look - something about the way the pleats fall adds pounds.

I really feel like this would be more successful as a mini dress. Breaks up the black black black and the pleats everywhere. This, of course, would require some tailoring, but just an idea...

 Evening Chill Pullover (size S and XS)

Sorry about the weird blurry boobs but I tried this on without a camisole or shirt and didn't want to flash my bra to the world. I adore this little pullover. Great color, sexy and sweet. I think I preferred the fit of the XS but if you want a slightly looser shape size up. This sweater is on the shorter side but I think it would look great layered over a long shirt. One thing to mention - almost all of them had pulls so check yours carefully!

A lot to like at Anthropologie on this round. Anyone else indulge in this week's latest sale?

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  1. I really like the Karen Walker on you and the Morticia dress - by all means - take it up - I think it is really flattering!