Monday, April 15, 2013

J. Crew Review - Sale!

When I saw the price of the June's Meadow Floral Toothpicks drop this morning with the extra 30% off I scurried right in to my local B&M to snatch them up. Luckily, after a bit of back and forth recently, my B&M will take the educator discount on top of the 30% off so I feel like I got them for a reasonable price. Here are a few other things I tried on. New arrivals reviews tomorrow!

Double-Square Tee in Neon Azalea (XXS)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Pinwheel Eyelet in Navy (size 0)
This is the size XXS and it's still pretty loose, although I liked that. The sleeves are tight but would easily stretch considering the thin material. It's cute enough I supposed but the neon azalea is a little too bright for my taste and I couldn't get over the fact that I felt like a walking tv. Plus one of my students was wearing the exact tee today at school! Hmm... I think that means I'm too old for it :)

I've tried on this pencil skirt before but I sized down to a 0 this time which seems to be my new bottoms size at J Crew. I might even go for a 00 on this one - I feel like it runs big but haven't noticed any other bloggers saying the same thing. It's a really thick eyelet which I like but the navy is so dark it almost appears black, even IRL. The longer length is so classy and sophisticated but hard for my 5'4'' frame to pull off and unless I wear some serious heels. Undecided on this one. In store it is $99.99.

I tried these on because someone on JCA was asking how they fit. This is my normal matchstick size and they fit great. If you're looking to do printed denim in a more subdued way, I think these are a great option. To be honest, I really think they fit like a size 27 pair of toothpicks - I didn't notice much difference at all. With the 30% off they are a pretty good deal. I liked the fact that there was no gapping at the waist. 

Lightweight Merino Puff-Sleeve Sweater in Stripe (size XS) in Blush salt Navy
I've tried this one before in the grey colorway but I really prefer the pink. I'm not sure how this sweater has been continually overlooked but I think it is adorable. The puff sleeves are ever so slight and feminine, the fit just right and the merino is soft and fine. This is definitely a 3 season sweater. With my educator discount I think it came to about $23. Not bad. Online $39.99 and in store $49.99 so make sure you ask them to price match.

My local store's sale section was pretty stuff plus they had a shorts promo: $35 for shorts. I may have to go back!

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