Monday, April 8, 2013

J. Crew Review - Tops

I finally had a chance to hit the Crew and try on some new arrivals (well new to me since it's been a while). I walked out empty handed except for an adorable seersucker dress for my daughter but I did see some really cute things!

Painter Elbow-Sleeve Boatneck Tee in Indigo (XS)
I always size up in Painter Tees and I should have in this one. Woah. This color is sold out online for some reason. It is a beautiful saturated navy that looks almost like denim. The boatneck and 3/4 sleeves make it seem a bit dressier. Cute. Too small. Tired of holes in all my JCrew tees.

Ponte Peplum Top in Ivory (S)
This is a really thick ponte knit which I liked - helps the peplum hold its structure. They didn't have an XS so this is a size too big. However, the XS would probably make me look too boobilicious so I'm not sure this is a look that's going to work for me. For the smaller busted - adorable.

Stitchwork Stripe Top (XS) in Neon Azalea
There is a whole hell of a lot going on with this top. It's sort of cute but I think I would want to try it in a more muted colorway. What is up with all the 3/4 sleeve tops? I think of that as a fall/winter thing not a spring thing. The embroidery didn't make the top totally unstretchable (i.e. across the top of the chest) but it did make the fabric pucker a bit (as you can see on my belly).

Boy Shirt in Neon Gingham (size 2)
It is definitely neon which I love, just maybe not on me. I felt like this boyshirt was cute slightly big. I would have liked a size 0 in this one. Still, J Crew does button downs right - long enough, long enough sleeves, perfect colors and collars!

Faded Chambray Popover (XS)
The wash is very faded which probably won't work with all skin tones - including mine. The cut is actually pretty slim for a popover and I think this would be cute over one of those delicious pairs of Liberty Toothpicks.

Keeper Chambray Shirt (size 0)
Finalemente! I remembered to try on the size 0 of the Keeper Chambray shirt and now I know what everyone is talking about! The fit is so much better, so size down on this one. I don't love the fading on it but everything else is quite nice. Plus roll-tab sleeves or whatever you call them! I love having that option. 

Overall, some nice things. Tomorrow dresses and skirts!


  1. oh, that keeper shirt looks like a great fit- really nice lived-in look and I quite like the faded colour. I hear you on the painter tees- I bought the mint/navy striped one at christmas and there were holes at each armpit after the first washing!

  2. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm looking at both the popover and Keeper chambray shirt and am trying to decide what sizes to get. I'm roughly the same size as you (5'4"/115/32C), but I worry about the tightness in the shoulders. Is the Keeper better in the 0 than the 2? I worry about the fabric pulling across the chest.