Saturday, April 13, 2013

Madewell Review - Rail Straight Jeans in Western Wash

One of the many great things about Madewell denim is their "risk-free" jeans: free shipping and free returns on denim all the time. They offer a plethora of different washes and shapes and I like almost all of them! I have been looking for an absolutely basic, straight leg jean. No ankle length, no prints, no super duper tight, just plain old jeans.

Rail Straight Jeans in Western Wash (size 26/34)

 I may be hallucinating but I'm pretty sure I ordered these a while ago in a 26/32 and they were way too short - which is strange because these are way too long. The inseam option is awesome but I don't always feel like the IRL measurement is the same as the stated measurement.I also think they used to be $79.50 or something instead of $98 but again maybe I'm confused.The inseam option is awesome but I don't always feel like the IRL measurement is the same as the stated measurement.

That's about the only negative I have on these however. The denim is soft soft soft and stretchy and very comfortable. I love that they are quite slim but definitely not skinny. The wash is lovely although I am not completely in love with the whiskering on the front - sort of a hip widener. These pictures are from straight out of the box and I have a feeling that after a few hours wear they would be more relaxed (but not overly so). I think these are reminiscent of the Mathstick Jean in Lived-in Wash which I bought over a year ago and wore to death.

Highly recommend these and with free shipping and returns, you can try them for free!

What's your favorite Madewell style of denim?


  1. That does look like a perfect length. I always like them longer to begin with because they shrink up, not in. An you are not hallucinating- I find that they JC/Madewell item are often cut entirely differently from one season to the next. Thanks for the great review!

  2. This is good to know! I'm not sure if we have the same policies when shipping to Canada, but at least I know from your reviews that the sizes are a little inconsistent. I'm glad they started putting reviews right on their site too :D

  3. I ordered them in the Madewell (dark) wash. I usually get 26S in JCrew matchsticks but ordered a 27 in these with a 30 inseam and they fit just right after washing for flats and lower heels. I'm pretty close to your size. The denim also looked really nice after washing!