Tuesday, April 9, 2013

J. Crew Review - Dresses and Skirts!

I spent a lot of time in the J Crew dressing room :) There's a lot to like although nothing I have to have at this moment. Here what I found:

Sparkle Dot Dress (size 2)
So freakin' cute. I really adore this dress. The fabric not so much - it feels a little itchy scratchy because of the "sparkle dots". Not so much that it would annoy me but it just felt a little cheap. But the shape of this dress is divine - so classic and yet the dots make it feel modern and playful. I am in between a size 0/2 at J Crew these days and this 2 was definitely a perfect fit (a little snug on the bust as you can tell in the side picture). If you are in between sizes I would think you might want to size up or if you are super busty like myself. The pockets are so cute and lay perfectly.

Rugby Stripe Dress (XS) in Dried Papaya
Hmm... Not good. Not good at all. First off the dress runs quite large for an XS, second of all the high neck and longer sleeves spells D-O-W-D-Y. Yikes. I think I just got sent to fashion prison.

Camp Tunic Dress (size 2)
This seems like the cotton version of the Rosie Dress which I reviewed here . It's quite cute and very comfortable to wear. The size 2 pulled just ever so slightly across my bust but there are no button, just a slit neckline, so it didn't bother me. The hip area felt roomy but not overly so and I love the ability to roll the sleeves if needed.

Colorblock Shift Dress (XXS)
Because of my experience with the other striped t-shirt dress I sized down on this one. Oops. Too snug and too short. It is very cute and I can see throwing out on almost every day in the summer but this size is too tight and I bet I might feel the XS is too big. Will try on next time. Thick cotton knit much like a Maritime material.

Director Dress in Stretch Wool (size 0)
This was in the sale section for $99.99 (I think). I do love this dress and material was so comfortable. I don't like the way it's draping over my bum in the side picture so perhaps I needed a size 2. It was a great deal with the 30% off but the red was a bit too bold for my taste.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Clover Tweed (size 0)
It's a lovely thick nubby skirt but just not my style. I know many like this and it's on sale so it would be a good time to scoop it up. The tweed was thicker than I had anticipated. Very comfortable to wear.

Crinkle City Mini (size 2) in faded jade
I really want an easy pull-on and go type skirt for the summer but I just couldn't make this one work. It's SHORT! And I love short! When I went back and read the description on the website I noticed that this iteration of the City Mini is a full inch shorter than other versions. It's a shame because I love the color but I'm really too old for this length.

Multistripe Mini (size 0?)
I tried this on for laughs. Love the stripes but the size looks like it's meant for Barbie. It feels like something that belongs in F21 maybe? The stripes are adorable (notice the contrasting stripes at the side which I like) but the length is obscene. What happens when drop something?

City Mini in Ripstop Cotton (size 2)
The length on this is so much better - love! The style, not so much. The cotton is a bit stiff causing a lot of poofiness. This combined with the elastic waist added pounds and did nothing for my figure. Boo.

Cafe Capri in Gilded Dot Brocade (size 0)
They fit quite well but I find the material a bit irritating. I'm not big into the fancy capri pant thing but these are a decent pair if you are.

Liberty 5 inch Short in June's Meadow Floral (size 0)
I tried these in a size 2 before but they were a bit big in the waist. These fit perfectly but just barely and I hate tight shorts. I imagine they would give over time but I don't want to bank on that. Also, the legs are cut quite slim (you can really see it in the side shot), and while i think this is flattering to look at it made me feel a little uncomfortable. I'm still thinking about these though because I think it's a charming way to wear the print and not have Liberty overload.

Whew. Anyone else biting on the current 25% off t-shirts and shorts promo?


  1. Love the Sparkle Dot dress on you! I fell in love with it this past weekend, but definitely could not buy it full price. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. Wow, so many reviews. Thanks. I love the shape of the Sparkle Dot dress, too. I hope they make it in a different fabric. I could use a nice, well fitting dress.
    I'm planning to pass on the current promo. I could use a pair of shorts, or two, but I think I'll wait for a more inclusive promo.

  3. That sparkle dot dress is fabulous! I think you should get it!