Tuesday, February 26, 2013

J. Crew Reviews - more Liberty!

Some more new arrivals for your consideration. Unfortunately, new arrivals are not on the website until tomorrow so I'll have to update the links then.

Collared Eyelet Tee (size small) in Ivory
Liberty Postage Stamp Mini in Tresco Floral (size 4)

Excuse the belly shot. I'm trying to show that the skirt is sitting very low on my hips. Normally, I size up in JC minis but it is definitely not the case with this one. I'm obsessed with this print and think it is more manageable as a mini but definitely draws a lot of attention! The hips were also jutting out on the side. Perhaps my normal size 2 would fix all these issues!

The top is very sweet - J. Crew is very into Peter Pan collars this spring! The fit is awful - way too baggy and no waist shaping. I know this is a size bigger than I usually wear but it is clear that the cut of the shirt is straight.

Elbow Sleeve Tee in Stripe with Anchor (XS)
Liberty 5" inch chino shorts in June's Meadow Floral (size 2)

I sort of liked these together. The shirt is quite thing and so appropriate for spring/summer. It might be a little short for some but I thought it very cute - I like the wide neckline. The shorts are another great way to enjoy the liberty print thing. The inseam is just long enough and the fit is quite slimming.

Liberty Toothpick Jean in June's Meadow Floral (size 27)

 Eek. So cute. I realize that floral jeans will probably be out by next season but there is something so charming about them. These fit just like the Emma and Georgina Floral toothpicks (I always have to size up in toothpicks - closeup of pattern above). At first I thought I would like this print better (and I do close up - it's lovely) but I sort of like the way the Emma and Georgina looks on my body better.

 Liberty Peasant in Lodden Paisley (size XXS) in Fresh Pear
Liberty Toothpick Jean in Emma and Georgina Floral (size 27) 
 PIctures on left shows the blouse pulled down. Picture on right shows its natural state after moving around a bit.

(picture L) Show elastic hem tucked under. (picture R) Side view.
I love the Lodden Paisley in this green colorway. GORGEOUS. This blouse is really, well, blousey. This is the smallest size and it is still pretty big. And I have to say it - I hate elastic hems. I never know what to do with the bottom of the shirt. Plus the side view is a bit pregnant looking. I really do like this blouse I just wish they made it with a regular hem.

 Liberty Craze! Which pattern are you going for?


  1. I never know what to do with elastic hems either and I really don't like them. I've been tempted to make a little opening in the seam and pull the elastic out. I'd try this on one of my less expensive blouses first.
    I really like the Liberty prints. They are gorgeous. Is the Lodden a pale yellowish green or is it more blue?

  2. The liberty mini is very cute! Thanks for your reviews. I too dislike elasticated waists - they never soon to look good on me.

  3. I love that Liberty print, but the cut of the shirt is terrible! I guess I'll give it a pass. Thanks so much for your reviews!

  4. I also thought the Liberty jeans were cute. It caught me by surprise as I expected them to be unflattering. I knew that peasant top was bad on the hanger and I didn't even notice that awful elastic bottom. Why do they do that. I like the lace Peter Pan.