Friday, February 22, 2013

Madewell Reviews Part II - Dresses

Looks like many things popped back this morning and a bunch of stuff got marked down! Can you believe the Birdshow Dress already got a cut? I don't think it ever even came to my "local" store. Too bad. I would love to order it but definitely can't risk final sale. Boo.

Charade Blazer (size 2) in Black
Oops, sorry for the blur. I love this little blazer. The black is still full price while the blue (which I could have gotten for about $30 this summer, see my review here) is on sale for $99.50 online. I'd say this runs true to size. I don't really like it buttoned at all but adore it unbuttoned. Just the right length and very fitted. Adorable.

Um, gak. This horrible on me. Yes I know it needs a belt but seriously look like a reject from the Sound of Music or something. I realized, in retrospect, that it would have looked a lot better had I undone a few buttons. I do love this print but the shape is not really working on me.

 Silk Day Dress in Birdslife (size 4 on the left and size 2 on the right)
This was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Madewell! I really like the print and the lovely navy background color. The fit is just ok. I think it looks passable in the pictures but it didn't feel very good. The size 2 is clearly too small and the 4 was a huge improvement. Unfortunately, that seam across the top of the chest is not so fabulous for the larger busted of us. All that shirring/pleating underneath that seam just adds to breast area. 

A close up of the print. Very cute and subtle (I like it better than the white/yellow one on the Silk Boyshirt in Birdslife .

Anyone try on that darn Birdshow dress before it went on sale? I would love a review (or at least an accurate picture of the color). 

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  1. I have the blazer in black and, like you, prefer it unbuttoned. It doesn't quite fit me right across the chest, too much extra fabric. I did see it styled on a blog where it was buttoned with a belt added for waist definition. I haven't tried this yet, but am planning on giving it a whirl.
    The print on the Birdslife dress is cute without being too cutesy. I saw a review of the shirt on some blog. If I can remember which one, I'll return with the info.