Friday, February 1, 2013

Madewell - New Arrivals!

Did I mention Madewell is my new favorite store? I've definitely been looking for a new favorite. I love  Anthropologie and J. Crew, but it is nice to get excited about something new.

I think there is a lot to love in their new arrivals and of course a plethora of silk (my new fave material).

Here are some of my picks:

Eek! I love birds and there are lots of them in Madewell's spring arrivals! I have a feeling this is brighter pink than I am comfortable with but how cute! The birds are lovely and the style looks easy to wear.

More birds! Put a bird on it, yes! My one complaint is the elastic waistband. I'm sort of over it, Madewell, could you do something better? Nonetheless: birds, silk, easy dress - a trifecta of fashion!

Oooo! Will it ever stop? I am such a fan of Madewell's boyshirts. In fact, I prefer them over the Blythe blouse from J Crew. Better fit and not the weird shoulder pleating, etc. This is cute. Great with just about anything because of the neutral colors.

Had to take a break from the birds... of course to my other favorite thing stripes. This looks really cute and I have been a big fan of Madewell's blazers so far. 

I can't tell if this necklace is oh so right or oh so 80's wrong but I sort of love it. Rowr!

LOVE it! Scarf - check, rainbow stripes - check, delicious springy colors - check. 

There are lots of things to like this spring. what are you picks?


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the Boyshirt. The Blythe doesn't work well for me. It's either too tight across the shoulders and great everywhere else or great in the shoulders and too big everywhere else. I've been considering trying the Boyshirt and really love the cute bird print. Fingers crossed for a promo offer, I love both of those dresses, too.

    1. The boyshirt is wonderful! I find it so much more flattering than the Blythe (hate those darn boob pockets). I will be waiting with baited breath for the bird blouse to go on sale. I'm hoping to make it to Madewell next weekend where I will definitely snap some picks!

  2. Totally agree! I've been drawn to Madewell more often. I really love their dresses, but everything always sells out so fast :O

    1. Some of their items go super quickly - especially when they hit sale. But other times I find i can wait and wait and get a pretty good price for something. IN store prices (much like J Crew) seem to always be better and unfortunately I do not live that close to a Madewell store!