Wednesday, February 13, 2013

J. Crew Review - Velvet Matchstick Jeans

The return of velvet is a little uncomfortable for me. The 80's were very velvety and I wasn't even sure I liked the material then. Yes it's soft and delicious but tight velvet could be a real no-no. These didn't show up as final sale so I thought I'd give them a try.

Matchstick Velvet Jean (size 26) in Red Currant

You know how colors are always a guessing game on the ol' website? Well, these turned out better than I thought. Red Currant is a lovely deep red - not quite burgundy or maroon, but really pretty.

The fit was good/ a little tight on my rear as is usually the case but these definitely have some give in them. The velvet is very soft to the touch. 

The calves are tight! Many reviewers have said this and they are not lying! When I first put them on I thought - these must be toothpicks! But after a minute or two or wearing them they softened up a bit.

Overall I think they are nice but am not sure a) what I would pair with them besides black and b) whether these are really what I'm looking for.

What do you think?


  1. Awesome color! They look great on you. You could pair them with chambray, a white t & leather jkt, or denim. I like pink with red as well. I tend to tone it down with a casual jacket (denim, etc.) if I go bright on top though. I can totally see them with riding or ankle boots too. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations - great ideas!