Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old Navy and Gap Review - 2 cute shirts

I don't shop at Gap and Old Navy very often - I'd rather just stick to retailers I know, love and trust (yes, I am becoming a curmudgeon in my old age). Plus, I recently tried on a ton of pants at Gap and I couldn't believe how poor the quality and fit was. I guess all retailers are cutting corners these days, but I'd rather take my chances with a J Crew or Anthro.

Anyway, I did want to try two cute little shirts that I saw. It's easier to get away with a lower quality shirt than a poor fitting pair of pants (in my humble opinion).

Fitted Boyfriend Cat Print Shirt (size XS) in Light Blue

Cats certainly seem to be having their day in fashion recently. This makes me chuckle a bit since I was always known as the crazy cat lady of my group of friends. I remember first dating my husband and one night he said, "Wow, it's so nice that you have cats but you are not all cuckoo about them." Ha ha. I digress. This shirt is very cute and made of a nice light cotton. The fit is definitely closer than other gap shirts so it looks quite tailored and perhaps a bit dressier.

Women's Lightweight Patterned Shirt (size XS) in Multi Daisy

Liberty prints are everywhere this season! Although this isn't technically a Liberty print it is so adorable and currently on sale in store for $17!!! The fit was lovely and the length gives you lots of options for tucking or leaving out. Reminds me of the Margaret Annie Floral from J Crew last year. 

Here it is paired with a J Crew pencil skirt. Pretty cute. 

Anyone else try this shirts as alternatives to some of the higher priced ones?


  1. My first thought was Margaret Annie!

  2. I tried the Gap shirt cat shirt just recently I really liked it in navy and the teacup in red/orange. All I ended up walking out with though was a pair of the broken in boyfriend khakis which is the first pair of gap pants I have bought in years. The shirts look great on you. I am interested in how they will wash. Thanks for the reviews.

  3. I just discovered your blog a few days ago.. because of this shirt! There were 2 left at my local Old Navy and I was so glad to have seen it and been able to get one before they were gone. I too tend to avoid shopping there (or not really avoid, just don't go) and stick with anthro, etc. There are a few things though that are dependable at Gap for me, so occasionally I take a peek.

    They have this shirt at ON in a few new patterns which are now also on sale as well. I picked up the Multi Daisy and Ditsy Red. Both pair really well with the Cablepom sweater I got from Anthro in red-- really cute.