Wednesday, February 6, 2013

J. McLaughlin Review - Dresses!

J. McLaughlin is one of those stores I always walk by and think, hmmm, cute but not for me. It's the sort of store that my husband and I visit to buy his mother a Christmas present (she is a very sharp dresses but in her 70's!). We have a tiny little J. McLaughlin that opened in our town center about a year ago and every time I walk by the window I am intrigued. Cute patterns. Very Kate Spade / Tory Burch. A lot of their clothes are made out of a stretchy nylon spandex blend which is VERY comfortable.

They are having a major clearance right now and I couldn't resist. I did not review the belts I tried on but some of them are gorgeous and so inexpensive!

Sage Dress (size S)

This shape with the side ruching.... awesome! I found this dress so flattering and sex and yet not overly so. The material is very stretchy and I would want to wear some spanx underneath for smoothness but I didn't feel like every lump and dump was showing. This print is gorgeous and is what first attracted me to the dress but it is quite large (hard for short ladies like myself to pull off).

Panama Wrap Dress (size XS) 

Also adorable and super comfortable. This is an XS and I might prefer a small. The shorter length is really balanced out by the demure neckline. This dress definitely showed less bumps then the sage but isn't quite as sexy. Still super cute and again, comfortable.

Gilchrist Dress (size XS) 

I'm pretty sure this was the XS because it was a tiny bit tight across the bust (which is always the problem area in terms of fit for me). Such a cute comfortable shirtdress. I don't love the pattern but the style is classic. Never will go out of style. Great tab sleeves, spread collar, self belt.

Sage Dress (S) 

Same as first dress but with a more subtle pattern. I love this dress! I think it's so classy, can be worn forever and easily accessorized. Because it is so plain, I would probably put on a huge chunky necklace, bright cobalt heels and a fun wrap or sweater. Delish.

Anyone else ever shop at J. McLaughlin? Have a favorite dress style?


  1. Years ago, I thought they had outstanding quality country club garments. The store by me has since closed, but a couple of years ago the brand was beinsg sold in my local Lord and Taylor, and the quality was much diminished. It is nice to see that boutiques appear to still have better pieces. I always found that the clothing ran quite small. I love the Panama dress. Very fresh.

    1. So interesting about Lord and Taylor and the quality! I definitely think some of their stuff runs small too. It's all that stretchy material. They had a flash sale at the store with an extra 40% off already reduced prices. I was tempted but how much stretchy jersey do I need?

  2. JMclaughlin dresses are the best -- with the bright colors and patterns..
    Sadly, my figure has "changed" and some of them are a little too clingy.
    Does anyone know how to stretch jersey??