Thursday, February 14, 2013

J. Crew Review - Liberty Art Fabrics

Give me liberty or give me death! Ok. Cheesy but I couldn't resist. Love liberty prints and this season's are no exception:

Liberty Perfect Shirt in June's Meadow Floral (Size 2)

This is a nice safe Liberty print with lots of workable neutral colors. I found this shirt to fit slightly smaller than the Tresco Floral which fits perfectly. Overall, a very nice shirt.

My usual size 2 fit fine. I don't know what it is about the Schoolboy blazer but I really don't like it on me. Something about the shape makes me feel too "business-y" in it. That being said this blazer is a very cute spring blazer and I like that when you turn up the cuffs there is a nice navy showing.

Liberty Toothpick Jean in Emma and Georgina Floral (size 27)
Usually I do not like toothpicks because I have a booty and thighs and I think they emphasize that. For some reason I loved these! I'm afraid they are a little too trendy/youthful for me although the CS did recommend toughening them up with a chambray shirt. The denim was very soft and comfortable and the print really is cheerful. I usually size up in toothpicks and these were no exception.

Liberty Perfect Shirt in Tresco Floral (size 2)
Yes I just reviewed this yesterday but wanted to sneak in one more pic of it. It is crazy! But I love it. It's like loving rainbow colored anything - who can resist?

What is your favorite liberty print this spring?


  1. Well, I just had a green Glenjade shipped to me, so I hope it's that one! (and I hope the 4 is ok, the size 2 Leo Scarlet was just snug so I have that in a 4, though I'm learning that the perfect shirts don't vary much by size...).

    However I really, really like this June's Meadow floral- particularly the blazer. It's just so $$$ though! Is there any chance people won't love it and I can somehow catch one under $100? sigh.

    The floral denim looks great on you, and I hope you get yourself a Tresco someday!

  2. I know so expensive! Most of the liberty prints get marked down at some point but I guess there is no guarantee. I'm actually considering the June's Meadow toothpicks - a nice way to do floral jeans. I really liked the Emma and Georgina too - decisions, decisions...

    1. I saw the June's Meadow toothpicks in store yesterday and almost bought them on the spot. I had to remind myself that 1. I do not in fact like busy prints on my bottom half and 2. I'm not even a big fan of florals at all. But these were so cute! If they make it to sale, I will be making an exception.

    2. You are hilarious! I have the same feeling. I'm going to go try them on tomorrow = did you find them to fit similarly to the Emma and Georgina floral? Why am I sucked for things that will probably be out of style in a year?