Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Charlie Trousers and other new arrivals

When I walked into my store this past week, it looked totally new! So many wonderful spring colors and shapes to enjoy. I've really been wanting to check out the Charlie pant, which Anthropologie seems  to be pushing full throttle. And perhaps a few of the horse inspired wares - very cute.

Lusitano Sweater (XS)
I like horses. I rode horses. I am not sure how I feel about this sweater. I think the shape is pretty blah and the colors are not great on me (but will be great on others) and it runs quite short. I have a short toros and I still felt like I was afraid to raise my arms. Something felt funny about a horse's head reaching over my boobs. Just sayin'.

I'm almost positive this was a size 4. It is super duper cute. Love the roll sleeves, one simple pocket and the cute little dot pattern. Also - on the side - that is a different colored piece of fabric (bright pink) which adds a cute and quirky touch. As you can see, it will definitely require a cami. The fabric is very lightweight and I'm pretty lazy about wearing camis in the summer so...

 Jerez Silk Buttondown (size 0)
The colors in this blouse are gorgeous. The 0 was too tight for me but that is a size smaller than my usual top size (there were no others to try on). I can't quite tell if the pattern is cool and funky or a little old ladyish but it is a very easy blouse to wear. Would probably prefer a little more length but maybe a bigger size would help with that.

 Abilene Chambray Buttondown (size XS and S respectively)

I'm really loving Anthro's chambray shirts right now because they are made of Tencel. Even though I usually love cotton, the way the tencel drapes is so attractive. I like this Abilene shirt but do not love the seam that goes straight across the top. Sort of uncomfortable/unflattering. It also runs a bit small. The XS was gaping at the chest and pulling at the hips and the S wasn't so great either. Might work way better for less endowed ladies.

 Fitted Chambray Buttondown in Light Denim (Size S)

The shirt is a size small and it was weirdly right across the top of the hips. The top part fit beautifully and I LOVED it but I almost couldn't button the bottom two buttons. Isn't that weird? I'm really not that hippy. I ordered the Medium in the blue green wash so we'll see how that goes. Otherwise I LOVE this shirt. Wish it didn't do the hip thing.

The pants are a lot of floral. The 2 felt a little too snug for my taste. I did notice that different incarnations of the Charlie pants felt different material-wise and so would probably fit differently. They are sort of super cute but also sort of out of my comfort zone (which is probably a good thing).

 Sateen Charlie Trousers (size 4) in Mint
The size 4 felt better but I think the legs look too wide. The mint is a beautiful color but I felt like it highlighted every lump, bump and panty line (thus the lack of bum shot). I'm not sure about these. I think I actually prefer the floral!

Anyone else try some Charlies? What do you think?

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  1. rargh. blogger ate my comment. Chambray soft= nice. horsey sweater pretty (didn't try it on, but good to know it's maybe too cropped)

    Abilene is surely a reference to the Texan town, but an awesome nerd reference which has stuck with me since childhood is Douglas Adam's dictionary of observed phenomena The book of Liff, in which Abilene refers to 'the pleasing coolness of the underside of the pillow'. one of my favourite words! :)