Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Pants!

Oops. I've taken a hiatus from blogging because I am on the home stretch of the musical I am working on (playing for). We're doing Singin' in the Rain which brings back memories of watching the movie over and over again as a child. The amazing scene when Donald O'Connor runs up a wall, Good Mornin' with the couch tipping over, and of course Singin' in the Rain itself. Ah.
Anyway - lots of fun but no time!
I have a few Anthro reviews and then a plea for help on sizing. So please help if you have a moment!

Velvet-Trimmed Jodphurs (size 27)

These photos do not make these pants look super exciting but they are very cute. Very soft and comfortable. I waiver between a 26 and 27 in pants and I felt like the 27's were perfect. I'm at the lower end of my weight range right now so perhaps these run a bit small? Maybe I'm just tired of everything fitting SOOOO tightly?

Detail of Velvet jodphur part on inner leg

Detail of ankle buttons
Lovely casual pants. Unfortunately I'm looking for work pants right now so i don't know if I can justify $70 on these!

Sky-Shimmer Crops (size 4)

These are very snug and the material is a little itchy/thin for me. I will say that I think they are fairly flattering but I like even my crops to be a little longer. Plus the zipper in the back was difficult to maneuver. They are just a little out of my comfort zone but I do understand why people like them. Again, not to work appropriate for me.

Close up of gold sparkle in material - LOVETH.

Trina Turk Velvet Trousers 

Just to compare, I wanted to post these pics of a gorgeous pair of velvet trousers by Trina Turk that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for a song. Notice the higher rise and the lack of booty lines. Ah. So classy and elegant. 


 Silk Gatehouse Dress (size 4)

This dress has appeared on my blog before. I tried on the size 2 and the size 4 before so when I went to order it on mega sale I felt comfortable with my decision to go the size up for a bit of a blousier look. But now that I see it I can help but think it looks a little grandma. The top doesn't bother me so much but the skirt looks a little too poufy. For comparison the size 2:

Here is the size 4 from the last time I tried it on:

Doesn't it look smaller?

I don't know. When I look at the pics I don't really see much difference.

Any thoughts?

Any ideas of where to buy work pants?


  1. heh...can't really see a difference from the pictures! Doesn't silk kinda shrink a little bit when washed? I'd say wait a couple of days and try it on again- some days things just seem to hang differently!

    I like the look of the velvet trimmed jodhpurs, but don't have much experience in looking for more work-appropriate pant options. Granny dresses ftw! :)

  2. The sizing could be a manufacturing issue. I would go with the one that looks/fits the best, regardless of the number. It's looking like the 2, though. Love those velvet pants.

  3. I don't think the size 4 looks 'grandma' at all. I actually think the first set of photos looks the best on you. I've always thought it was a pretty dress, especially the color.

    I love the detail on the jodphurs. I haven't bought work pants in a while. I did see some good looking possibilities at Loft that last time I was there.