Monday, August 10, 2015

J. Crew Review: New Dresses

The fall is looking good dress-wise at J Crew. I really liked everything I tried on and I can't remember the last time I felt that way! Exciting. Now I just need a fancier job so I can justify getting one of these lovelies...

Structured Knit Zip Dress (size 2) in Midnight
I don't know why but this dress is SO flattering. It's nothing that exciting to look at but the shape is good! I'm usually a size 2 in dresses at J Crew unless it's one of those shift types. The fabric is sort of a thick ponte almost scuba-like material. The color is a gorgeous navy and the dress feels lovely on. I felt like it made me look 5 lbs thinner. Definitely need some jewelry ad heels but it is good you guys.

 Italian Tweed Sheath Dress (size 2)
What? Another beautiful and flattering dress? It very lovely and figure flattering and my normal size 2 fit perfectly. Plenty of room even for my BF friends up top.The material is really lovely and the dress felt comfortable and flattering. I also saw this cute tweed sheath over at Barneys. And of course, a girl can dream about this gorgeous Derek Lam version.

 Soft Lame Shirtdress (size 2)
I might have preferred a size 0 on this one but there wasn't one to try on. It's very cute and I think they did a good update on the shift style by making it have some curves. The gold color just doesn't work on my skin tone but I think it will look great on a lot of you. I do love this shape though and recently tried on this dress instead. I think it's a keeper but have to try on the size 2 to see which size I prefer.

Pockets that don't add bulk - yahoo!

I also noticed this little henley dress over at Free People. Look nice and easy for summer. This one is also cute and casual.
I also love thie Nili Lotan henley dress. The print is simple and sweet and the look ethereal.
If you're looking for something a little more safari, this dress from Loft looks really cute.

Lots to love. Wish I had a fancier workplace (of course right now that workplace is at home while I have the summer off). Have you tried these dresses? What do you think?

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