Sunday, August 30, 2015

J. Crew Review: Perforated Eyelet A-Line Skirt

I have a lot of reviews to get up for you sale shoppers but school just started and I am not quite on top of things. I think J Crew is really trying to turn things around this fall so let's hope it works. So far the dresses have been excellent. We'll see what else turns around (please let their pants start working for me again). Here's a quickie skirt review:

Perforated Eyelet A-Line Skirt (size 0) in Crimson Maple
I was really attracted to the color which is absolutely lovely. I've seen this skirt on others and love it. It's just not a style match for me. Anyhoo, my usual size 0 fit well / maybe even a tiny bit snug. It's hard to tell since my waist is always fluctuating. I like these skirts to fit AT my waist and pretty snugly otherwise I feel like I'm tugging them up all day and they don't look as flattering.

I think it's fine but I don't love that back view. The long a-line skirt look just doesn't work great for me when it hits on the widest part of my butt and then keeps on going out. I need a little more drape. If you have less "underbutt" you might do fine. I like the detail at the bottom where the eyelet changes to these little half-domes. Very cute.

I am getting more into the "midi" length thing. It's convenient to not always be thinking about too much skin showing if you're chasing your kid at the playground. Plus there is something elegant about it. I bought the skirt in this print (sorry the skirt is sold out for now here is the link to the skirt version which is lovely and keeps on popping back in a variety of sizes) and I think I like the shape better. I'll review it when it comes. I like the idea of this eyelet skirt at Anthropologie because I think the peekaboo effect with the shorter lining is pretty cute. I'd be curious to try out this other one from J Crew. It's so hard to tell what it looks like IRL!

For now I'm excited to receive the correct size of the skirt in this print. Oh my! It's so gorgeous! I just love yellow and was so pleased that my size finally popped back.

More to come! Hope the end of summer is treating everyone well!

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