Monday, August 24, 2015

J. Crew Review: NEW Arrivals are here!

It's been hot and humid here so it's hard to think about fall but I'm glad there's something to look forward to. Nice colors and fabrics and more awesome dresses! I feel like J Crew is really starting to do it right dress wise. Now I just have to save my pennies and see which one I might want!

Cape Jacket in Wool Melton (XS/S)
I love a good cape and knew I wanted to try this one on when I saw it on the website. The color is deeper than your average "camel" color. More of a caramel I'd say. For my skin tone I prefer a basic camel but the SA's in store were raving about this particular shade of tan. Anyway - it's a nice thick fabric and I think it's a lovely fun piece. I do not love it on my 5'4" frame. I would like it a lot more if I was a lot taller or it was a lot shorter.

Nonetheless, it is fun to try on. Made me feel quite elegant. Although also slightly football player-ish.
To be honest, I'm still obsessed with this Plaid Cape at Brooks Brothers that has no dropped to a ridiculously awesome price. Also this black one is super duper cute and only $52! So if you want to try this trend but don't want to invest in this trend... might be a good way to go. This Top Shop version takes the cake though. (also comes in a cheeky plaid if that is your thing) I love that shade of camel and the double breasted front would be so much more flattering on my frame. Might have to look into that...didn't know they had free shipping and returns.

Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress (size 0) in Navy Black
I do loves me a lace dress. In the pictures it looks pretty plain but it feels so nice on! Skims the hips just right, good vee on top without revealing too much... The sleeves are slightly odd but I still liked them. It just feels comfortable and slightly sexy without being immodest. Love the navy color.

Close up of the navy lace with black outline. Feels of good quality. I saw this little number at Off 5th. Seems slightly dressier but also fun.

Flare Dress in Watercolor Floral (size 2)
This is the same style as the Aquatic Floral Silk Dress  from the spring. It's a great shape - nice and nipped in at the waist and easy but streamlined everywhere else. I still haven't decided how I feel about the watercolor floral print. I like it but now sure I have to have it. This shape though - yes! TTS for me. I think if I bite on anything in this print that it will be those easy shorts. Darn they are flattering!

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