Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gap Review (plus a little BR): Skinny Jeans and Summer Dresses

My quest for casual pieces that work for hitting the park with baby in tow continues. I love pencil skirts and silk blouses but they are just not practical at this moment. I was returning some pieces to the gap (my daughter, at age 6, has become VERY choosy about her mode of attire) and noticed some decent pieces on the sale rack.

Tropical Tank Shirtdress (XS)
I know the palm thing is super in right now but I also figure it will be out by next summer. I liked that this was light cotton but boy is it unflattering. There is a drop waist and but then a fabric belt at the waist. I couldn't figure out how to make that configuration work. I wore dresses just like this (without the confusing belt) in the 80's so I can pass on this shape. This little tropical shirtdress is way more to my liking - with a waist where it should be and an unbeatable price!

 Henley Drawstring Dress (XS)
This looks like nothing on the hanger and sort of looks like nothing in these pictures but... it is so dang flattering on. The waist is slightly dropped but it works on this one. The fabric is super duper softee and has just enough stretch without being clingy in the backside department.

I zhuged (I know that's not a word) up the waist a bit to show how it would look - pretty good. I think I paid about $14 for this one. I would probably prefer a petite but this is fine too. If I had lots of money I'd buy this henley shirtdress by Twefth Street by Cynthia Vincent. I love her stuff. It doesn't always work for me but it's quite unique.

1969 Legging Jeans (size 26R)
Ok. I know mid and high rise jeans are really in right now but boo for me! Even mid rise feels high for me since I have such a short torso. These are acceptable in their mid-riseness but I wish they were low rise. I've been looking for another pair of skinny ankle jeans to wear with longer shirts and sweaters and I like these. I always go for the dark wash because I think it's more slimming but I'm starting to feel like it looks a little dated. Also not sure I love the wide spacing on the pockets. But they are VERY comfortable and basically quite cute.

 Here's me trying to mix it up with a slightly lighter wash. I really like the color and definitely think it looks a little more modern. I wish there was just a little less whiskering. These are also super comfortable and soft and ok in the rise department. Hmm... It does also come in a darker wash.

1969 Destructed Resolution True Skinny Jeans (26R)
Oof. 'Scuse the middle picture. These were also comfortable and look ok just crazy with that darn rise! And these aren't even the high rise version! I like the "destructed" nature of the denim but that light wash is only for the bold and the beautiful (and 6 feet tall).

What do you think of these skinny denim choices? Do you have a favorite pair to recommend?

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  1. Yes, I miss the old selection of low-rise jeans! Trying to find a pair of trendy but low-rise flares right now, and it's pretty hard (especially in petite/short sizes). I'm long-torsoed and short-waisted simultaneously, but mostly I carry weight through my waist/upper stomach so hip-huggers are the most comfortable and will always fit me through weight fluctuations.