Saturday, August 8, 2015

Athleta Reviews: Dresses - Solstice, Topanga, Lively, Redondo, Tulip and Rib Henley

I haven't been to Athleta in a while. I think they're stuff is so cute and so comfy but I always feel like an imposter in it :) I do like to work out as much as possible but I'm not someone who feels comfortable in "athleisure" clothing all day. I always bring a change of clothes. But in my continued search for perfect little summer dresses I did find a few goodies to try. Plus there are some really low prices going on right now (which is rare as I find Athleta still a bit pricey even on sale)

Solstice Tee Dress in Frosted Mocha Heather (XS)
I've never done the fully ruched bottom thing but it's cute. Definitely hides some flaws in the front but definitely creates some in the back. I think I'd need a thong or something with this one. I tried on a bunch of this type of dress and this one seemed to run slightly bigger than the rest. The color was nice and neutral and the material super soft and comfortable.

 Topanga Tee Dress in Black (XS)
This is a similar style but crew neck, darker and short-sleeved. I think the darker color helps me feel not so exposed in the rear area. It did feel a little more bodycon than I was looking for but I still really liked it.

 Lively Dress (XS)
Love the back - an adorable detail! The fit was okay but not fabulous and the material was very thin. Definitely fits the bill for easy throw on and go dress but I wasn't sure it was doing me any favors.

 Redondo Dress (XS)
Loved the idea of this but the pockets created quite a bit of bulk and overall it felt a little too big. If the pockets weren't there I would have sought out an XXS. Again, soft material and I like the cap sleeves and nice neckline.

 Tulip Stripe Dress (XXS)
Woah. Tight. Too tight. I definitely need an XS or possibly even a S. The stripe are adorable and I like the little tulip hem. Overall a great little dress but felt tighter and more spandex-y than the others. Am trying it in some sizes up. Will review when package arrives!

 Topanga Tee Dress in Baja Blue (S)
This is the same dress as the black one above but in a size bigger. I think it looks fine but not it feels a bit sloppy and like the ruching adds weight. I think XS is my size I just wish it were slightly less "sexy time" and slightly more "mom on the go". I hate that I just used that phrase but what the hell.

 Rib Henley Maxi Dress (XS) in Caspian Blue
The lovely SA brought me this one. I knew it wouldn't work for me but it's cute and comfy. I like the subtle used of suching but I knew the ribbed material but show too many lumps and bumps.

 I also ordered the Salinas Sweatshirt Dress, Tulip Dress, Westwood DressStripe Topanga Dress and Topanga V-Neck Dress. And I would have ordered this cute dress but it appears to be sold out!

Hoping something works out but we'll see. Sometimes I feel like the clothing is too obviously from Athleta but if I feel like I can dress up a piece then it will definitely work in my wardrobe.

Have you found anything great at Athleta recently?


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    1. I'm so glad! I haven't been in there in a while but I liked what I saw!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us! The Athleta Tulip Dress is on sale right now for $23.99, & I needed to see it on. I feel just like you about what I'm looking for in a dress (mom on the go :-)--your post made me smile. I'm not sure if I can do the tight-on-the-butt look--think I'll be too self-conscious.