Monday, August 3, 2015

J. Crew Review: Sunday Slim Chino, Pull-On Skirt in Nautical Stripe and Cropped Silk Popover Shirt

The amount of popbacks has been crazy - and fun. Nice to hunt down some things that I've wanted but have not been able to get for a while. The final sale thing is driving me a bit cuckoo however. One day everything is final sale, the next day nothing. The maybe just some things or certains colors or sizes. It's all very confusing. I think I may be all shopped out for the time being anyway. Just enjoying trying on some new things so I can think a bit about fall spending.

Cropped Silk Popover Shirt in Tropical Fern (XS)

 I ordered this out of pure curiousity and overall I think it's cute. I'm not really in love with this print though. A bit too hawaiian shirt for me. The fit is interesting. It is definitely on the large side but it draped nicely. It is cropped but on my short torso and I actually hit at a nice high hip point. Overall cute. If I was going to do this print I'd probably consider the beach tunic or maybe even the jumpsuit. Generally though, I like my prints on the bottom - if I'm going to do fern perhaps it should be something like these pants.

 Nobody's Perfect Linen Tee (XS)
I did not order this. I don't do logo tees normally. What I did order was the Passerina Tee by Marc Alary that I have been stalking for MONTHS. I couldn't even believe it when it popped back and in my size. Then instead I get the Nobody's Perfect tee. I actually laughed out loud about the irony of it all. By the way, have you checked out Marc Alary's actual line? It's incredible if you love animals. This gazelle horn ring is outstanding and the elephant ring is too cute. The mini monkey earrings are also pretty precious.

 Sunday Slim Chino in Quarry Green (size 0)

These pants stood out to me in the most recent rollout. I was thinking they might fit like the old waverly chinos or yore but they are definitely a bit slimmer than that, well, sort of. First off - the material really threw me. It does not feel like cotton. It sort of feels like that weird tencel stuff. Not that that is necessarily bad. But it is a bit disconcerting when you are expecting normal cotton chino material. I fluctuate between a 0 and 2 with pants at JC - mostly I am a 2 and these fit fine in my size 0. The waist felt comfortable but there was some poufing in the crotch and yet slight grabbing on the butt. I did not like the length. If I tried these again I would try the tall which is crazy since I am 5'4". The length finishes at an awkward length on my body and although they arrived rolled up - I disliked that length even more. I do love the color and the material is super soft, I just don't think they work well on my body. I think if I sized up the waist would be too big.

 Pull-On Skirt in Plum Flowers (size 0)

I've noticed that my summer wardrobe is a bit lacking in terms of cute little easy casual skirts. I like the style of this one but the print and colors were not to my liking at all. Sort of goldish/olivish and dirty plum. Not my fave. It's a shame because it was pretty inexpensive on sale and I like the shape - basic but cute.

 Pull-On Skirt in Nautical Stripe (size 2)

Here's another attempt at a casual skirt but I think pretty successful. The waist is elastic but doesn't look sloppy. The online reviews state that it runs a little small and I think that's probably true. Then again, with an elastic waist you have some flexibility with sizing (no pun intended :) There were complaints about the lack of lining but I didn't mind it. It feels just thick enough to hide anything underneath. The length is also just right. If you want a slightly nicer version of this skirt, check this one out. It looks beautiful but probably a bit too fancy for errand day. I've never heard of this Nordstrom brand but I thought this skirt looked cute. I like the way the stripes are done. Reminds me of this dress that I am going to review from Banana Republic.

I did decide to buy this summer mini from J Crew today to fill the gap of casual but nice looking summer skirts in my wardrobe. I sized up so it wouldn't look so "mini" and have more of a casual vibe. Review of that upcoming.

Tried on some more new arrivals today. There are some really nice and flattering dresses!

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