Tuesday, August 25, 2015

J. Crew Review: Some Geo Brushstroke, Stripe Mini and Broken-In Boyfriend Jean

School is revving up and so am I :) Trying to squeeze in some reviews before things really get crazy. So without much further ado - here they are:

Geo Brushstroke Short (size 2)
I really like crazy shorts. I have lots of plain tees and tanks so I am happy to add some fun in the bottom half. I felt like this pattern overwhelmed me on top or in the skirt version but the shorts are so cute! The subtle pleats are very flattering and the higher waist actually works on these - WHICH IS CRAZY BECAUSE I DEPISE HIGH WAISTS. Somehow the short inseam also feels totally modest. They are lined in cotton so you need to wear sort of "slippery" underwear for them to lay right. They feel slightly dressy. I usually wear a 2 in JC Shorts because I would way rather them be a bit big than too small.  The 2 was slightly big in the waist but good everywhere else.

The back view is a little dubious but with my shirt pulled down I don't mind it. Trying to show the higher rise here. I also like these shorts over at Ella Moss. The pattern is really nice and both colorways are slightly more muted. Recently tried these Ikat Print shorts over at BR. They are super comfy loungy and yet I think the pattern elevates them a bit. Already mentioned my obsession with the easy shorts in marble and watercolor floral - just have to decide which pair I want to buy!

Stripe Mini Skirt (size 0)
Rah rah siss boom bah, goooooo J Crew! Holy cheerleader. Too short and too full. The stripes are super cute and I liked the cotton but yowsers. Too youthful. The size 0 fit pretty perfectly so TTS.

I don't know what this pose is but here ya go. Maybe trying to channel my 25 year old self?
Ok. I have no money for Victoria Beckham (plus it still sort of gets my goat that Posh Spice designs such fabulous clothes) but this skirt is really fabulous. Love the a-line of this one and the pockets with horizontal stripes. And this one is completely different with its multi-colored crochetedness! I am going to have to check out Top Shop very soon.... 

Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Freddie Wash (size 26)
I'd like a boyfriend jean but these are not the ones. The wash is a little unusual - very white down the front of the thighs. They are super comfortable but definitely too big. I would happily exchange for another size but what actually bothered me is how short they were. They don't look it in the pictures but they felt weird in the length.

Close up of the unflattering white wash. I would try these jeans in a different wash and a size down. Definite potential and very comfortable.
These Acne Studios ones look pretty cool. This other option from J Crew looks encouraging - I like the word slim along with boyfriend. Probably more along the lines of what I'm looking for. Rag & Bone makes some nice denim among other things. They definitely have that cool factor. And of course, good ol' favorite Madewell. The rise will probably be too high but I really like the wash. Distressed without being trashed.

Do you have any favorite boyfriend denim?

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