Saturday, August 1, 2015

J. Crew Review: Crystal-Embellished Tuxedo Shell and Summerweight Cotton Sweater

Morton's Neuroma. Google it. I'm not actually sure that is what I have but the powers of google and WebMd seem to suggest as much. I googled the phrase, "I feel like I have a rock in the ball of my foot" and that is what the interwebs came up with.
Let me tell you - I really NEED to be active. Besides the fact that I need to chase after my kiddos and constantly lift my 22 pound ginormous 9 month old, I really need to go to the gym. I get a sitter a few times a week during the summer just so I can make it to the gym/ retain my sanity. And now I cannot because maybe I have Morton's Neuroma. My foot is a swollen mess and I can't bear any weight on it and it makes me very sad. And so far advil and ice are not helping. And my foot doctor is closed all next week because they are remodeling. And I just bought some killer high heels that I would like to wear. Boo. Anyway, here are a few J Crew items for your consideration.

Crystal-Embellished Tuxedo Shell (size 2)
 So, yeah. True confessions, I only ordered this to get free shipping. The moment I saw it in the bag I thought, what the what? This thing is crazy! I Actually think it looks fine on but the gems and the way the are attached to the shirt is cray cray.

 The fit in my usual size 2 is fine - no need to size down on this one. The gems are so plastic-y and the settings are these cheapy looking gold things. To be honest, as I wore it I thought well maybe it's not so bad.... but $128? Yikes. I'm sure I would lose a stone after the first wear.
If I'm going to go gem, and to be honest that's a little out of my comfort zone, I think I would check out the collection Thomas Mason shirt. Looks like a higher quality piece. Of course that $500 price tag might deter me :)
Or I sort of like this little Haute Hippie embellished tee.
Even this little embellished tee by Ann Taylor looks more subtle shint instead of "HEY GUYS I JUST BOUGHT A BEDAZZLER AND LOOK WHAT I DID TO MY SHIRT!"
Of course, if I had not a care in the world for money or otherwise than perhaps I would spend some money on this St. Laurent Tee which is both classy, fun and of course filled with stars (my fave).

 Summerweight Cotton Sweater (XS) in Vivid Ink

So, these pictures don't really do this little gem any justice. I love this little sweater. The material is sort of weird but I really like it - almost feels like mesh but not itchy. It just has the perfect length and drape - nicely hugging curves without being clingy. I think I could have easily gone with the small as well but the XS fits perfectly (especially for post-breast-feeding). It is the perfect summer sweater. Also comes in a stripe version.  And in a cardigan version, but that looked a little oversized and boxy when I saw it in store. I should really branch out and buy this in another color that ISN'T navy but I can't quite help myself and at least I know it will go with everything.
I am also interested in this little striped version from LOFT but am not sure how I feel about the neck strings/tassels.
And how beautiful is this pointelle knit summer sweater from Rebecca Taylor?
Love the neutral simplicity of this Eileen Fisher short-sleeved version as well. This one is even more exquisite looking.
And just because, yes stripes. With some added neck interest.


  1. I bought the summer weight sweater in the same color. I love the silky feel. In wish it came in black. Thanks as always for the review.

    1. My pleasure! Glad to find another lover of this sweater. I feel it got sadly overlooked and it's just so perfect for warmer weather.