Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Banana Republic Soft-Wash Shirt and other sale finds

I'm not even sure how I ended up placing an order with Banana the other day. Ugh. 50% off drew me in and I have been wanting to mix it up a little. This plaid shirt was calling my name and I'm glad I answered because it is very cute!

Soft-Wash Blue Plaid Boyfriend Shirt (XS)
I believe this has gotten noticed a bit for being feature din Marissa Webb's instagram. I don't know what it is but I just love it. I find the "boyfriend" moniker a bit misleading since this shirt fits beautifully and perfectly. I love me some shape in a shirt! The plaid is just blue and white but somethign feels so nice about it. Lightweight cotton - this is definitely more of a warmer weather shirt (although with layering it doesn't really matter) - and a great length. And $20. Yes.

I caught a few bargains in store the other day including the aforementioned Lexia Hooded Pumps for something ridiculous like $20 (I did also have a reward coupon), a textured sloan pant for about $30 (love the texture and the color - sort of like wearing chambray or jeans but dressy enough for work) and a great oversized, crisp white boy shirt for $18. Not bad.

There is some cute stuff over there! I'm sort of rooting for BR now :) They had a lot of leather collection items on the sale racks for really good prices with the 50% off. Might be worth a visit to your local store.

This Heritage Floral Top looks super cute and like something J Crew would do.

I have absolutely no reason to own a black leather top but boy would I like to.

Love the simplicity of the Textured Voile boyfriend shirt. Who couldn't use a great lightweight white shirt for summer?

I own this little tank and cannot even describe how comfy and soft it is and yet how undeniable chic I feel in it!

Not getting great reviews, but I love the idea of this laser cut top. BR is doing lots of interesting things with cutouts and eyelet (and lasers apparently ;)

I have some reviews of the Geo Lace Blouse coming up as well as the Striped Vee Patio Dress.

Anything catch your eye at Banana Republic lately?

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