Saturday, July 4, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Summer Jeans, Trapeze and Sunbask

My Madewell try-ons continue with some definite what the whats? I didn't know mom jeans were coming back in fashion (were they ever really), but apparently they are in the form of the "perfect" summer jean.

The Perfect Summer Jean in Pure White (size 27)
 I think you have to be a major hipster living in Noho or Dumbo or somewhere fabulously fabulous to pull these off. On me, mom jeans. The rise is SOOOO high. Granted this is sort of a size up from my normal jeans size (sort of depends on the style - 26 in Matchsticks, 27 in toothpicks), but still. Holy hell. And look at the room on the back of the thigh. They basically look like tapered pegged jeans from the 80's. God bless the body that can pull these off.

 Sunbask Tank Top (size S) in Dark Rosette
 I LOVE this little tank top and the gorgeous color. I actually probably need an XS but really I need smaller boobs. If you aren't overly endowed this top is a little gem. Felt so light and flowy and elegant without being too covered or too revealing! Yum.

 Alley Straight Crop Jeans: Drop-Hem Edition (size 26)
 I was curious about the Alley Straights because I own a pair of the Rail Straights and LOVE them. These were ok - soft and I liked the wash a lot but I didn't really understand the unfinished hem or the higher rise. What is up with all the high rise stuff? I have no torso so high rise is BAD on me. Otherwise they are comfortable enough and cute.

 Shrunken Trapeze Shirt in Oakbrook Plaid (XS)
Lovely colors and summery crinkled cotton. Not to sound like a broken record but these swingy tops just don't do me any favors. It was wide but also sort of short. Looked ok with my arms down but being as though I am spending most of my summer with my 2 girls I don't think I'll be able to maintain that position.

I had fun trying on stuff. Please let me know if you've had any luck with those summer jeans!

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