Saturday, July 11, 2015

Banana Republic Review: Sloan-Fit Pant

So I never really shop at BR anymore. Not for any particular reason than my brain can hardly handle keeping track of the pricing games at the few retailers I do shop at. I just feel a little underwhelmed at BR. Usually if I'm looking for something more workwear-oriented I go to Ann Taylor. Anyway, I feel down the blog hole of seeing some BR pants on someone's blog that I liked and then of course they didn't fit correctly and then I had to return them and, well there I was trying on clothes at BR. Sigh. They were having a crazy extra 60% off of sale so I did feel like I had to look ;

Unknown Cheapie Sale Shirt Textured Pocket Tank (XS)
 I realize that this is not exactly major excitement but it is soooo soft! The material is so swishy knitty drapey deliciousness. I coudn't find this exact shirt on their website but I did see this one which looks cute with the little seams and this one which looks laid back and soft. Plus if you like stripes and shirttail hems (yes please) this one ain't so bad and is extra 50% off of $19.99. Back to this shirt though, the length is good for covering the bum in tight pants. Which brings me to my next item...

  Sloan-Fit Slim Ankle Pant (size 2) in Navy
 Cute cute cute. I thought these were quite flattering. The material is nice and thick in a hold in instead of reveal all sort of way. The length is perfect too. If I actually needed lots of work pants, I would get these in every color.

 Sloan-Fit Textured Slim Ankle Pant (size 0)
 Now here are the unfortunate blogger purchase pants :) TOO tight. The material is slightly different - less thick and stretchy - but the color is lovely.

  Sloan-Fit Textured Slim Ankle Pant (size 2)

 The size 2 fit much better in the thighs and butt but the waist is pretty darn big and if I'm paying $89 for pants I don't really want to have to take them to the tailor. I do love the look of the fabric - sort of chambray-ish and yet dressy. Alas, the fit just isn't as good.

I used to always buy these pants at BR for work but I haven't tried them in recent years. My workplace is not that fancy anyway so I'm not sure I need to be investing in workwear any time soon.

Have you tried the Sloan-Fit pant? What do you think?

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