Friday, July 24, 2015

J. Crew Review: Linen Sundress in Iridescent Sequin, Chevron Pencil Skirt and Striped Tuxedo Dress

I thought I'd pop these reviews up while J Crew's crazy summer sale continues. 75% off is pretty incredible. I was up early this morning with the baby but I still didn't bite on anything. I'm trying to get better about the whole "well it's only $10" rhetoric. At the end of the year I find I have A LOT of "it was only $10" items that I don't really like or need that much. That being said, I did fall into that trap the other day at Banana Republic when they just happened to have 2 pairs of shoes in my size that I couldn't resist for around $25 bucks a pop. One of them is these lovelies in the taupe color. They are a little crazy and a little high and I'm not sure I will keep them but I thought I should hold onto them until I decide :)

Linen Sundress in Iridescent Sequin (size 2)
This just went on sale and sold out with the extra 40%. It's lovely but I don't really have anywhere to wear it. I also found the fit a bit strange. It's basically fine and the length is right at the knee (I'm 5'4") but...

I sort of wanted to pull up the straps like I am doing in this left most picture. The whole thing sat a bit low on my frame. Also too much extra fabric in the hip area as I am showing in the right hand picture. What is up with that at J Crew these days? I get the waist to fit and then there is like 2 inches of fabric jutting out from the hips. Urgh. I do love the color, pattern and sequins. I think if I'm going to go sequin dress I would rather have this one from J Crew or this amazing one by Alice+Olivia (not that either is anywhere near within my budgetary restraints)

 Pencil Skirt in Chevron Stripe (size 0)
I thought this one would be a slam dunk for me. It fits TTS and I do love stripes but I didn't find it particularly flattering. The way the side panels are sewn on - they can get a little lumpy. Still, as far as pencil skirts go it's pretty nice. J Crew does know what they are doing in this department. I love this more colorful one by Clover Canyon. Yes, still out of my price range.

 Striped Tuxedo Shift Dress (XS)
I saw this on Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping and thought she looked lovely in it. It's a nice cotton - sort of like wearing a shirtdress - and the length is good. Love the hemline.

It just didn't hang quite right. Maybe once my boobs shrink a little more post-bf. I really wanted this to be my new go-to summer dress but it doesn't hang quite as nicely as I'd like. I have high hopes for this new striped dress from J Crew. Looks super cute and has some seaming which would probably help it lay a little better.
Joe Fresh has this cute little inexpensive option.
Lou&Grey at Loft also has a cute one. It's on sale currently for 50% off.
This one from the Loft is almost sold out but looks just right.
Of course, can never go wrong with a classic Ralph Lauren polo style stripe dress.

I'll check the sale again tomorrow, of course. Going to try to stay strong unless something really amazing comes up. How about you?

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