Monday, July 13, 2015

J. Crew Review: Sale continues...

Sales sales sales. I'm sorry that J Crew is not doing well but am happy to take advantage of the rock bottom prices. That being said, I've really tried to be conscous of buying something because OMG it's $12. It's so hard to resist but I think I'm doing ok with it. I am really glad that I picked up the Drapey Crepe Perforated Dress during these sales because that was a love from the first time I tried it on. Other items I'm trying to hold off on. Case in point, the pants below.

Garden Pant in Gold Foil Leaf (size 2)
I was surprised how much I liked these. Very flattering and comfortable on and the pattern is very on trend. But, palm trees and tropical prints might not be around as much next season. Plus, linen has to be dry cleaned and can stretch out a lot. I did love that these were lined.

Overall great but I probably don't need white pants right now. Every time I feed my daughter a meal, half of it ends up on my lap so darker colors are good for me right now.

 Linen Baseball Tee in Mixed Stripe (XS)
 Garden Pant in Midnight Floral (size 2)
The baseball tee was stadard J Crew fare. Totally cute and comfortable. I do not love their linen tees - tend to be on scratchier side. The pants I've tried on about a billion times. I do love this print but I think I'm satisfied owning just the top.

 Space-Dyed V-Neck Cardigan Sweater (XXS?)
I like the color and delicate nature of the knit. Besides that I think it is very oversized. Too boxy for my liking plus I own about 3 or 4 gold sweaters. Gots to put a limit on that.

 Sleeveless Floral Lace Shift Dress (size 2)
I was so excited to find this lone dress on the 50% off rack. Unfortunately, I found the fit quite strange. The bodice fit exactly, the waist was very good and then there was so much etra room at the hips. I didn't find it flattering but I did like the color and material. Also a bit on the short side. If I want a lace dress at J Crew I think I'll go for this one. Or would love this as a laid back alternative.

What do you think?

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