Monday, July 27, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals: Some Scarf, Flouce and Seaport Plaid

Whew. The sales .They keep on coming. I keep on swearing off buying anything else and then more and more sales! It's hard to keep track. I am regretting not trying a few more things during the 75% off sale before it went final sale but truth be told I don't really need anything anyway. So, to take a break from $10 bargain sales I decided to finally try on at least a few new arrivals.

Vintage Scarf Dress (size 2)
People are loving this print. It's not my thing (reminds me too much of these tees that were very popular in the late 80's early 90's) but I adore the color. It's also fun to see J Crew do a different type of silhouette. I would say this is TTS. In the middle picture I am trying to show that the waist can ride up a bit if you don't cinch it with a belt. The silk felt nice and I liked the depth of the vee.

I like the idea of a scarf print dress and although this one is much more summery I would consider it.

Also like this one which mimics more of a bandana print. Just wish the shoulders weren't cut out.

This is a bit literal with the scarf hemline but something about it seems so easy breezy summer.

Sleeveless Flounce Dress (size 2) in Belvedere Red

I can usually size down in this type of shift dress at J Crew but this felt very TTS to me. Definitely don't want this style to be  tight. I liked it quite a bit - had an easiness to it that could really be jazzed up with some jewelry and heels. I even liked the color which was really bright but tasteful.
If you're into this style I found this gorgeous one at Parker (much dresser IMO) with a print.

Flutter Mini Skirt in Vintage Scarf Print (size 0)
I'm usually not into this style of skirt - makes me feel too little girlish - but I liked this one quite a bit. My mostly usual size 0 was toooooo tight. So I would say this runs a bit small. I like the print even better on this material which is a lighter crepe (think thinner than the pleat-front mini skirt). It also comes in a plain version but I'm a little wary of the seaming on that one. Not sure if would be flattering. In fact pretty sure it would make the skirt pull in weird ways.

Lightweight Perfect Shirt in Seaport Plaid (size 2)
Loves me some J Crew button downs. This shirt is definitely light weight and almost felt sort of crinkly like their crinkle cotton shirts they do during the summer. This fabric doesn't work great for me so it felt a little snug at the bustline. Overall a cute little plaid though. I think I prefer this blue plaid shirt I got from BR (review upcoming) or maybe even this one that they are offering.

?? Size 2
I've seen this jackets hanging out in the sale section for forever. The material is really dense in a good way. Overall I liked it except for the side. The slit are cut so high that it sort of made the front do weird things. It would't lay quite flat.

Embellished Scoopneck Tee in Orchid Smoke (size XS)
I don't know why but I loved this tee. I would not pay $55 for it however. In fact, with the way most of my J Crew tees have held up I probably wouldn't pay more than about $10 for it. Still, love the color and the embellishment. Just enough to add interest. They are also offering a jeweled bib tank which looks cute and a long sleeve embellished painter tee.

All in all some cute stuff although it's hard to consider paying full price for anything with the sales we've had lately. Is there anything you've just had to have?

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