Monday, July 13, 2015

J. Crew Review: Summerweight Cotton Sweater and Drapey Chambray Romper

A few more quickie sale reviews. I feel that July is giving me a sale hangover. I've mostly stopped looking at this point but it's amazing how you can always find something you never noticed before!

Summerweight Cotton Sweater (S) in Vivid Ink
Garden Pant in Midnight Floral (size 2)
This was a sale find that I had never noticed before. I like the material - it's hard to describe but sort of net/mesh feeling without being scratchy at all. This was the closest they had to my size and while it is a little big I sort of like it that way. I'm trying to curb my sweater addiction - in particular navy sweaters - so I passed but definitely have my eye on it should it get marked down any futher.
This is also about the 5th time I have tried on the garden pant in midnight floral. I do really like them but I keep on passing because I can't quite figure out where to wear them. Too fancy for work, husband prefers skirts for dins out and I'm certainly not showing up to the playground in them! Regrettably they are a pass for now. Even for $12.

I did see these attractive and more neutral print trousers at Brooks Brothers.
These look super cute and more casual.
This printed pant by REISS is also super attractive and summery.
These off 5th printed pants are a dead ringer for the dutch floral J Crew pair from earlier this year.
And, although Gucci is a bit out of my price range, I LOVE this pair.

 Drapey Chambray Romper (size 2)
Hmm... I keep on trying to make the romper thing work but I think it is futile. First off, I would say this would runs big. The waist definitely needed to be tighter. The shorts and top sections fit fine. I think it would be cuter if the sleeves were a bit shorter.

I pulled up the elastic waist so it was hitting at my actualy waist more. Still not so awesome. I do think this will look cute on some if you size down. Just not for me. I did notice this lovely Theory jumpsuit in a beautiful floral print at Off 5th. So fresh and an excellent price for Theory.

If I was going to do a chambray romper I think I might like longer sleeves. 
I love Splendid's laid back California vibe and this romper definitely fits the bill.
Free People doesn't always work for me, but their version looks very cool.

Are you shopped out? Still perusing the 60% sale section?

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  1. I think those midnight floral pants look great on you!!! Love your black sandals, very cute! What brand are they?