Wednesday, November 20, 2013

J. Crew Review: A vacationland and some shoe porn

I've been pretty good with J Crew lately but the extra 40% off, yet again, pushed me over the edge. Some many things were coming up as NOT final sale that it was too tempting. Here are a few things I tried:

Linen Rose Tee (XXS)
Shirttail Mini in wool (size 0) in Deep Riviera
 Okay, so this is neither vacation or shoe porn but I wanted to share. I wanted to confirm my love for the shirttail mini and my preferred color was blue anyway so I thought I would have a go. I love the cobalt blue color and I think it is very on trend right now. I also think JCrew did this mini right - very streamlined and the waistband fits very well. It looks like it's a wee snug from the side but the front shoes a little extra material. I don't think it's obscenely short if I throw on some rights.

The linen rose tee is something I aboslutely adored when it first came out and then when I finally snagged it for a reasonable price I wasn't so sure. I would actually prefer it if it wasn't linen and was made of a more opque fabric. I do like it overall however and I'm going to see how it works into my wardrobe before making my final decision.

 Collection Vacationland Dress (size 2)
 I have always admired this dress - the pajama style, the sweet little graphics that make you look closer, the nice piping at the edges, but $325? They must have been insane. It is not lined and is in fact slightly sheer. I know it's so wrong, but I sort of love it. So comfortable to throw on and go and so different!

 Dress size 2 on left, size 0 on right
 Here is a side by side of the two sizes - not a ton of difference but the size 0 definitely feels more streamlined without being restrictive.

Collection Vacationland Dress (size 0)
 Here is a full view of the size 0. Again, I know I'm probably insane for liking this dress but there is something so appealing about it. I'm not sure about the color with my skin but I think with a hint of tan in the summer it would be acceptable.

Kiki Cap Toe Ballet Flats (size 7.5)

I thought these were so Chanel. I love the cream/navy combo. I have heard many glowing reviews of the kikis and wanted to try them myself. I like that they feel more like a structured shoe then your typical flimsy ballet flat. They squeeze my bunion a bit (I know, TMI) but I think a could stretch at the cobblers would fix that. I was going to invest in another pair of Blochs however so am on the fence.

what did you get with the 40% off? What do you think of the Vacationland dress?


  1. I like your pics! I have always loved the Vacationland Dress - but have held off because button downs of any kind are just not good for me, sadly... But I love it on you!

  2. I picked up the Vacationland shirt during the summer sales - not sure the colour is that flattering on me, but I still love it for the cute print. I also bought the linen tee just for the print. I really wish they would stop with the sheer linen and just do regular cotton jersey. The shirt-tail mini looks excellent on you!! Thanks for all these photos!

  3. Sometimes you love what you love, whether others do or not--and that's OK :) I feel that way about the camo vest and technicolor blouse, neither of which received much love in the blogiverse. Enjoy your dress :) Love the mini, too.