Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Madewell Reviews: Sweaters, blouses and new dresses

November. For some reason it is synonymous with illness for me. The beginning of the year seems to just toot along and then November arrives and I am stopped in my tracks. Ugh. Everyone around here is coughing and snorting. So lovely. Ah... New England.

On another slightly crabby note, what is up with Christmas coming a thousand weeks early? I had a return to make at TJ Maxx today and all they were playing was holiday music. THAT'S ALL. Nothing else. Not even a oh we're just throwing in a little Jingle Bells for fun while the rest of the soundtrack is today's light listening hits. Oh my lord. I think this will be the ultimate shopping killer for me (which is not exactly a bad thing). I love holiday music but if I have to listen to it for 2 months...

On to the reviews. Every time I go to Madewell there is new stuff to look at and lots of new stuff on the sale racks and always a major percent off! I have never seen this before so it's been fun to search for treasures. Here's what I found:

Plaid Market Popover Top (XS and S)
So the link is to the Mini-Plaid Market Popover which I think is the same thing but I'm not sure. I have trouble with Madewell popovers since they tend to run a bit snug in the chest. I liked the way the XS fit better but I think I would always be tugging at the chest. The color is beautiful and the fabric is light and slightly puckering - definitely more summer in my opinion. If you have a normal sized chest you can take your normal size!

Gallerist Ponte Top in Stripe (XS)

I own the dress in this same striped material and it is adorable. The top is also quite cute and slightly snug across the chest but I don't think enough to size up. I think the lighter colorway would be a bit more fun. Arms were quite tight - you can see this in the LH picture.

 Silk Tux Shirt (XS)
 I love a good tuxedo blouse but this one is pretty blousey! See-thru except for the bib portion but the silk is light and luxurious and the french cuffs are a lovely touch. Length is nice and fit is body skimming to slightly loose. Something about this just screams choir or pilgrim to me so I passed. This was on sale in the store but is full price online.

 Silk Poet Blouse in Beetle Green (XS)
 Here's a blouse that is on sale online but full price in store. Madewell's pricing games are often even worse than J. Crew's. Lovely color and I adore the little peasant/poet shape. Again, there is a slight pulling in the chest while the body is pretty loose. I have a blouse similar to this from last year and I just leave it unbuttoned and wear a cami underneath so I don't have to worry about the tight chest. Most will find this top fits true to size.
 Windowpane Plaid Skirt (size 0)
 Yowsers. Yes this skirt is that unflattering. It's so weird. The waist fit perfectly and was really comfortable because of the stretchiness of the fabric (read: good for going out and eating big meals in) but the overall line of the skirt was terrible. I kept on thinking I put it on wrong or the pockets were sewn wrong or something but no. It's just a lumpy, bumpy frumpy pleated mess. Boo because it's super cute in theory.

 Leather-Pocket Minidress (XS)
 Good way to do the leather trend so you don't end up crying over the full leather chaps with coated leather denim and matching cap and vest that you bought next year. I loved this when I tried it on in store but I think the pictures look ok. True little a-line shape, very comfortable, interesting fabric. Not sure how to describe it. Not too itchy but definitely on the more textured side of things.

 Etude Dress (XS)
What? Winona Ryder getting married in Beetlejuice anyone? Ok so her dress didn't actually look like this but I feel like she would wear this in one of her 90's movies. Good heavens. For the younger I suppose. I definitely had a dress like this in my youth and it's just as unflattering now as it was then. On the upside, it is very comfortable and would be great to wear if I was pregnant. You never know.

 Paintdot Shirtdress (XS)
 Love a good shirtdress but I didn't like this one. BIG. The fabric is a nice heavy rayon so it draped wel but the top was way too blousey for me. The shirttail hem is a really nice touch.

 Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress (Size S)
 Wanted to try this again in a size up from my normal size. Definitely better but it still doesn't work on my body type. The pleats in the front still don't lay flat (and weirdly the model shot makes the skirt look a-line) creating a tulip shape. The top is still a bit snug and yet there is all this extra material under the armpits and too long sleeves. Bummer because I love the idea but I think maybe a straighter figure would help this one out.

 Merino Sweatshirt in Colorblock (XS)
 Love the regular Merino Sweatshirt and this one is cute too. Not in love with that mustardy/gold colored stripe so I passed. Patiently waiting for the all grey one to go on sale.

 Penfield Lucedale Puffy Vest (size SMALL)

 CUTE. SO CUTE. Love the plaid lining. I usually try on puffer vests and feel just plain puffy or too preppy. This one I loved. The little hood is so cute and the length and pockets are perfect. Definitely size up on this one. Even the size small was a bit snug through the chest but I'd rather err on the side of snug so I don't look like a marshmallow.

 Log Cabin Cardigan (XS)
Cute and cozy. The buttons are fun and add a nice touch. I can't help but wishing some of Madewell's cardigans were just the littlest bit longer. J Crew's tend to be too long for me but I like a little length to cover my bum. The camel color at Madewell is spot on. Love it.

whew. So much to like right now. what are you loving?


  1. The Leather Pocket Mini Dress is one of my favorites and I was able to try it on during my trip to Cali. I linked to you in my Madewell Review post.

  2. Disappointing about the windowpane skirt.. I thought it was one of the cuter things online right now. I'm patiently awaiting a couple of backordered Penfield Lavic fleece jackets to try (I wasn't sure about sizing)... Have you seen this in store?