Friday, November 15, 2013

Madewell Tuxpleat Top - a review

Madewell, I can't quit you and your crazy promos! At this point in the year, I am trying to be patient by waiting for things to get marked down and waiting for my holiday presents (i.e. a Madewell giftcard please). Every time I go into my store, I discover another little unexpected treat though!

Madewell Tuxpleat Top (size XS)

Ok. I know what you're thinking. Big deal, a white cotton blouse. And you're right except I find it so hard to find a nice crisp white cotton blouse that isn't a) transparent b) too tight and c) shortsleeved.
I love throwing on a top like this with shorts in the summer and under a blazer when it gets colder. There is just something so nice about white, crisp cotton.
Usually, the blouses of this shape are a bit snug across the bustline but this one definitely felt a bit looser - in a good way. I think it hits at the perfect point at my hip and the shape of the sleeves are adorable.
I didn't end up taking this home because I was sick and doubting my judgement (ooo... is this cute or not, I can't tell through my Dayquil haze...) but I may have to go back.

Do you have a perfect white shirt? Where did you get yours? What do you think of the Tuxpleat Top?

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