Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anthropologie Review: Jolie Moto Jacket and Cora Cardigan

I have to say, I found Black Friday quite appealing this year! I know the discount wasn't huge but it was such a pleasant shopping experience. The SA's were chipper despite having to be there so early and I enjoyed the free treats. Bought a few little trinkety things for presents and placed an order that arrived Monday! All in all I was pleased. Here are 2 things I tried on;

Jolie Moto Jacket (size 2)

 The moto jacket trend is so huge right now. I love doing a moto in a different material - makes it less harsh and more fun and modern. I'm still not sure where I would wear a moto jacket. Too bulky under my coat and not warm enough for an outer layer. Thoughts?
Anyhoo, this one is to...die...for. I generally don't do fur, even faux, but this fur is so adorable. Looks really luxurious and not fake. The shape is really flattering but I do think this jacket fits a size small. I tried on my normal size 2 and although it fit, I felt very constricted. The material is super soft and overall this jacket is an absolute love for me.

Cora Cardigan (XS)
I loved the little cutouts on this but the fit is so weird. Sort of a swing shape and then so short in the back. I don't get it. Also really transparent. And slightly itchy. Boo. A pass.

Hoping for a few good pre-holiday sales. What's on your holiday wishlist?


  1. Thanks for the reviews! Whoa, that Cora cardi sounds disappointing :( Thanks for the tips though!

  2. Yes. Cora cardi non bueno. But the little moto jacket was a surprising win!