Friday, December 6, 2013

J. Crew Review: Shirts

Went to J. Crew to do a little pre-holiday shopping and saw a lot that I liked! At this point, I can afford to lay back and wait for the post-holiday markdowns and, hopefully, gift cards :)

Mixed Prints Tee (XS)
This t-shirt is quite unusual. It feels like it's a cotton/silk blend but the tag says 100% cotton. The fit is really nice and the little band at the bottom provides some nice structure. Jcrew seems to be favoring higher necklines this year and this tee is no exception. I think it would flatter more with a lower neckline. The medallions look like polka dots from far away so that is something to consider.

 Stripe Painter Tee with Jeweled Brooch (XS)
Cute. This definitely fits on the smaller side - my usual XS was very snug. Love the neckline and the material - very soft and thicker than your average Jcrew tee. The gem placement is a bit odd - right over the breast instead of slightly above it. Overall it's another attractive striped tee.

 Crinkle Boy Shirt in Blackwatch Plaid (size 2)
I missed out on last year's black watch plaid shirt and was pleased to see it return this year. Unfortunately, the crinkle shirts never fit me correctly - always a bit too snug through the chest (check out the gapping in pic 2).  If you aren't too busty this might fit you fine. I think the length, material and plaid are all great!

 Tipped Silk Tee in Navy (size 2)
There's something sort of sporty about this top. I was drawn to the bright blue piping and the simplicity of the design but it's a bit drab and shapeless when it's actually on. The sleeve length is too long for the shape. Perhaps cap sleeves and a lower neckline?

 Embroidered Peasant Top in Green Plaid (size 2)
Wow. Not flattering, and quite confused. Is it a Santa's helper costume? Is it a pregnant elf or a Holiday Hippie? The material was nice - thicker than I anticipated - but this style just doesn't work for me.

I thought tucking it in would solve some problems. Apparently I was wrong.

Boy Shirt in Tropical Cove Plaid (size 2)
The colors in this are lovely and the material is sort of flannel-like, very soft. The fit is attractive, like most JC shirts, although I prefer not having pockets on my chest. This is surely a winner among the shirts I tried on and I believe it is already on sale.

I'm feeling the need to wait it out until post-holiday. We'll see how that goes. Any must-haves on your wishlists?

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