Sunday, December 29, 2013

J. Crew Review: Some moonglow and misty fog floral

With the holiday hoo-ha, I simply have not had time to blog much less shop. My husband went to some of my favorite stores and did a really good job of picking out a few goodies! It's so silly but I always find this exciting. A lot of times, he buys things that the SA recommends or just grabs whatever is at the front of the store but I felt like he really listened to what I wanted this year and picked some things I would not have picked for myself but that I love!

Really the highlight of the holidays was the absolute joy of my 4 year old daughter. Oh my - I seriously thought she might implode. It was so nice for her to spend time with family and just soak up all the love and attention. She was so kind and polite and sweet with everyone. My little heart just about burst with love for her. Speaking of which, I had to drag her with me on about 3 hours of errands today and she did not complain once! Soak it up. That's what I keep telling myself, because I know it will not always be this blissful!

Misty Fog Floral Popover (size 2)
 I quite like this print - fun and unusual color combinations. It has a vintage 70's feel without being too kitschy. The fit is typical of the popover fit - take your normal size. Can we talk about the popover thing this year at J Crew? I think it's way less flattering than a normal buttondown and I wish they would return to making more standard shirts. Half the store seemed to be popovers this time. Bummer.

 Moonglow Paisley Silk Tee (size 2)
 Maybe this one was mislabeled but it was HUGE. It's a really fun print and I like the simplicity of the shape, but size down on this one (unless this particular one was an anomaly). It's a bit too bold for my taste but I definitely like the idea. Vivid IRL without being garish.

 Side-Zip Varsity Dress (XS) in Black
 I read a review on J. Crew Aficionada of this dress. It is absolutely adorable and fit TTS for me. Sometimes I feel tempted to size down on the shift dresses but this one is more fitted (than the maritime for example). The length is not obscene and I love the sportiness of the shape. Please excuse the large side belly - I am only pregnant with Christmas joy (aka cookies, wine and cheese).

 Misty Fog Floral Shift Dress (size 0)
 Again with the food baby. I gained a healthy 5 pounds this holiday so it might be a few weeks until I return to normal. Anyhoo, I am usually between sizes on the Jules so I went down a size on this one. I liked the silhouette but it felt a little snug in a size down. The pockets are on the sides - not my favorite placement - but otherwise I think the dress is quite nice. The neckline is bit more open which I prefer.

 Shirttail Mini in Sequins (size 0)
 I think this is adorable for NYE! I'm already a fan of the shirttail mini in wool but I like this one too. The subtle pleats in the front lay nicely and the pockets are a great addition. I did notice that the sequins are not completely uniform - there are little ones all over that are a silver color - I think this is on purpose but it could be ones that slipped or had the navy color rubbed off? Has anyone else noticed this? This runs slightly bigger than the wool mini in my opinion.

 Frost Foulard Short-Sleeve Shirt
 I caught this on popback before final sale kicked back in. At first I thought, definite return, but it is weirdly growing on me. Yes it definitely looks like a pajama top. No I'm not completely sure what I would pair it with. But, I like the colors, the nice crisp cotton, the length and the darling piping. I don't want to buy into the pajama trend too much, I'm sure it will quickly go away, but I do like this.

Here's a close- up of the print since you can't really see it online.

What do you think?


  1. I like the misty fog print on the dress- the length is great, but I'm not sure I like the dark trim...

    And pyjama tops are great- just throw on a necklace or scarf to take it out of the realm of sleepwear!

  2. I do love you for not hiding your food baby, they look odd when you have slim legs, I look 4.5 months pregnant!