Saturday, December 14, 2013

Madewell Review: Game Plan Skirt and Shimmer Skirt

I've been holding out for a few coveted items at Madewell this holiday season but things seems to be selling out fast online! And not really coming back into stock... I'm hoping this will change once the holidays are passed and people start returning gifts. You never know with Madewell. J Crew seems to be more predictable - you can almost always catch something coming back into stock. Madewell really freezes prices on things and takes them in and out of promo price all the time. I may have missed my window for a few items but I'm okay with that. I think my closet is doing quite fine as it is :)

Game Plan Skirt (XS)
I was attracted to the idea of this one. Pull on, elastic waist, slightly longer length. I think this would look best on taller, straighter ladies. I felt like it emphasized the wrong parts and looked sort of awkward. It's a cute skirt though - I can see it with heeled boots and a soft sweater. The material is slightly itchy but it is fully lined.

 Shimmer Skirt (size 2, size 0)
This was on my holiday wishlist because I love a bit of gold shimmer for the holidays! Unfortunately, I did not love the material - it feels cheap to me. Reminds of the material on the Collection Salon Mini in Quartz Jacquard by J Crew (review here). That being said, it does fit the bill for a fun little party skirt. I can see going 50's style with a sweet cashmere cardigan and lots of jewelry.

My usual size 0 definitely fit better. Fit closer to the waist but still slightly below. I might even be tempted to try the 00 since I like this type of skirt to fit closer to my true waist, otherwise the proportion tends to look slightly off. The length is "party short" but not overly so.

I think I may be on a purchase holding pattern until the after holiday sales start coming. 30% off used to be tempting but I've gotten used to 40% off!
FYI - my friend went to Madewell yesterday and said she got 30% off sale and they stacked this with the 25% off $125 deal.... something to think about...

What's on your Madewell wishlist?


  1. I really like the shimmer skirt on you! I haven't seen it in person, too bad the material isn't the best. It is very flattering.

  2. I like the idea of the first skirt as a casual outfit maker too. Thanks for posting your photos and review! :)

  3. I've been buying a lot more Madewell then J.Crew these days. I went there yesterday but only picked up an umbrella.
    I bought the Game Plan skirt last month but have yet to wear it. I liked it for all the reasons you listed and although I'm not a taller lady, I think heels will make it look better on me. I just like that it's a little bit different from what I already have in my closet.