Monday, October 21, 2013

J. Crew Review: Flower Tee, Technicolor Top and Collection Mini in Quartz Jacquard

Ah... fall marches on to its own crazy beat. I can't believe it is already almost Halloween! When I bought my little lady's Halloween costume I was thinking I was so ahead of the game and that Halloween was SOOOO far away. Now I'm like, what? Next week? Yikes. Anyhoo, there have been so many promos going on with crazy percentages that I can barely keep on top of them. I did quickly slip into a J. Crew that is not my usual one to try on a few not seen before items:

Only In-Store (as of now) Flower Linen Tee Linen Rose Tee (XXS)
Ok. So I have tried this on before but not in this size. usually with the linen tees I have to size down and I guess I would have to on this one too (thus the XXS in the picture) but it was a little slimmer than I would normally like. I feel like I need an XXS1/2. I am definitely obsessed with this tee - looks like something out of an old vintage flower catalogue. J'adore.

 Technicolor Floral Top (size 0)

I was definitely intrigued by this top online but not so much in person. It looks like some crazy 70's reject you would find at a vintage shop (IMHO). Even the material felt sort of strange. This is one size down from my normal which I may be able to pull off but probably not without some gap-page so stick to your normal size. What I really find unflattering is the shape. The high neck just looks so .... uniformy. It's interesting but I don't think I could pull it off.

 Collection Salon Mini in Quartz Jacquard (size 0)
My usual size 0 was a bit snug and definitely fit at my actual waist so if you're looking to wear this skirt a bit lower, size up. I love the color and the shimmer in the pattern but the material felt CHEAP. Like Forever 21 cheap. I don't care if this is "collection" or not, blech. Stiff. It reminds of the origami mini from about 2 years back? If the material was nicer, perhaps thicker, it would be cute.

Sorry to not have more positive reviews. I will be checking out some of the newer arrivals later this week so hopefully I will have good news!

Thank goodness the 40% online is over. I felt like I was looking for something to buy when I really need nothing right now!

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