Monday, October 14, 2013

J. Crew Review: New Arrivals

Things have been a little crazy lately so I'm gonna dive right in!

Handknit Tile Sweater (XS)
This sweater is so soft and the knit a "loftier" knit but I don't like the way it looks on my body. It definitely felt crooked and I am so tired of thoses weird in between sleeve lengths. Please just make full length sleeves - is that so expensive? Good and cozy but not flattering. Pass.

Merino Knotted Scarf Sweater (XS)
 This fits similarly to the Merino Scarf Sweater but of course the pattern is a bit bolder. I am trying to show that there really are little knots on the sweater in the second picture but I couldn't really capture them. The fit is slimmer than your average of sweater at J Crew, enough so that I might think about sizing up. I'm not particularly drawn to this combination of colors but I think it's an interesting sweater.

 Elbow-Patch Sweater (XS)
Yes, it is wide, but it truly cozy and comfortable and I adore the slouchiness. I would pair it with skinner pants and some high-heeled boots. The color is also yummy - a nice deep/brick red which screams of fall. The little patches are cute.

 Bird Tee (XS)
 I guess this is in-store only or just not online yet. TTS and very cute and comfortable. I like the curved hem and open neckline.

Linen Rose Tee (XS)
 I'm just calling this the Peonies tee but I don't know if that's actually what it's called. I love this print so so so much. The XS looks fine in the photo but was pretty slouchy IRL. I later tried on an XXS and that felt slightly snug. Guess I'm in between sizes.

Colorblock Intarsia Sweater (XS)
Does this scream Star Trek or what? Something about it. I think the graphic does nice things for the waistline but otherwise I think it looks a bit off. Tribal gone wrong.

 Shirttail Mini in Wool (size 0)
 This mini is adorable. The waist fit perfectly with no gapping at all and I love the shirttail hem. I particularly like how the seams were not right at the side but instead on the front part of the skirt - I thought this made it more slimming. Overall I couldn't quite tell if the skirt looked nice and flattering or if it added a few pounds. TBD.

 Unknown Dress (see price tag above) Size 0

 Not sure what to think of this one. Is it a nun on a track team? Is it edgy or Amish? I don't know. Too many weird style elements combined - white cuffs, strange neckline, racing stripes and exposed zipper. It was quite comfortable but it had that weird things J Crew does when they sort of shape the dress with hips and then they jut out oddly.

 Skinny Utility Chino (size 0) in Fresh Cranberry
 I tried these on before and passed but they were on super sale and I LOVE the color. A word of warning - the rear view in these is a bit strange. The pockets sit SO high on my bum - I think that would look better on a flatter bum. Nonetheless, They are super comfortable, slightly higher rised and skinny in the leg without being painted on.

Painted Button Boatneck Tee (S)
 Even the small is pretty snug but I generally wear these tees as layers anyway. I didn't buy it because I just pulled out one of my tees like this from last year and it already has a huge hole under the arm! I wish J. Crew could fix their quality issues with their tees because they sure are cute and soft.

Ruffled Rhinestone Top (size 2)
I revisited this one but decided against it again. It really is a charming but I think little sleeveless tops like this can be difficult to wear.

Sales sales sales. I'll be glad to say goodbye to 40% off - too tempting!


  1. My tile sweater in on its way to me, I'm hoping that the pattern isn't off kilter.

  2. I thought it was just me but I also discovered holes in the armpit of my Painter Boatneck Tees. I've fortunately never had holes in any of my Crew stuff until now. I saw this complaint on the Aficionada website also. At first I thought it was something I had done. It's unfortunate because some of them are so pretty.

  3. I had the same issue with the placement of the pockets on the utility chinos. They looked fine from the front, but from the back, the pockets made my backside look larger than it should. I passed - no pants should make your backside look strange! Haven't seen the peony tee in store, must look for it next time - it looks very pretty! Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Thanks for these reviews. Your comments on the unknown dress made me laugh - "Is it a nun on a track team? Is it edgy or Amish?" Haha!