Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Madewell Reviews: Some sale and 2 new dresses!

Ah Madewell. I have a little bit of an unhealthy obsessions. I think I was looking to quit the Crewlade and Madewell has helped me do that. Not everything there is a win for me but it's nice to try some pieces with different proportions and colors. As of this weekend they were running 40% off sale but I'm not sure if that's still going on. There are some pretty decent deals to be had but I don't feel like Madewell's items ever go quite as low as J Crew's. Here's what I tried on:

Madewell Basket Weave Colorblock Sweater (XS)
 This seems to be sold out online. In general, I am not a huge fan of Madewell sweaters. I like their summer ones but a lot of the fall items feel cheap to me. The colorblocking is cute but the knit feels flimsy and like it might pill? Don't have much experience on this one. Anyway, soft, cute but looks a little cheap IMO.

Pocket Cardigan in Stripe (XS)
Stripes, pockets and grandpa cardigan - the holy trinity of sweaters for me! The XS was definitely too snug, made this look a little off. It would be basically cute in the right size but didn't wow me. I find Madewell's sweaters (some styles) do run a little small. 

 Windowpane Boyshirt in Red (XS)
 This was a random sale find and while I don't like it untucked I do LOVE it tucked. The color is great and it's a really lightweight, soft cotton. Sometimes Mwell's shirts don't fit me correctly but this one is lovely.

 Shirred Silk Dress (size 2) in Beetle Green
 Tried this on before in the red. Excuse the knickers around my ankles. Sooo lazy these days. The color is a rich jewel-tone green and the silk is wonderful. I'm really addicted to Madewell's silk numbers - I think they do them well. Although this is not exactly super exciting on the fashion-forward front, it is a great little dress to thrown on with some jewelry and heels and look great in. Extremely comfortable. I like having something to cover the food baby that brews in my stomach occasionally.

 Zip Shiftdress (XS)
 I think this kicks the pants off the J Crew Zip Pocket Dress. It had a very slim fit and the zippers are more of a subtle detail. I recall it feeling a bit tight in the shoulders but besides that I really like it. Nice heavier material that draped well.

 Cap-Sleeve Dress in transatlantic blue (Size 0)

 This reminds me of the Tailored Minidress from last season. I sized down on this one and I think I could go with either size 0 or 2. I love this dress with one exception - the extra material that gets bunched up above the waistline. I've experienced this with other Madewell Dresses (namely the Silk Shirtdress which I love). Unlike the silky version, this dress is made out of a heavier, lined crepe so there isn't much to be done with that extra material. It just sort of bunches and sticks out there. Blah. Everything else is perfect!

What do you think of Madewell's latest offerings?

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