Thursday, October 24, 2013

Madewell Reviews: Sale and extra 30% in-store

Mmmm Madewell. I really love their laidback, young but not too young vibe. The sale section at my local store is packed and it's still 30% off! Gotta love it. Lots of items that only recently came into the store are already on sale. Sort of shocking. If you like deers, the deer sweater is already marked down. You like cardigans, there are tons. Here's what I found:

Silk Flowerstripe Blouse (XS)

I actually like this blouse. The details are sweet and the little puff sleeves are fun. Unfortunately, like most of Madewell's popovers, the bust just doesn't fit. I would size up but then the shirt would be huge. If you are more moderately proportioned this is a sweet, although quite sheer top.

 Silk Scallop Peplum Top (Size XS)
The silk on this top is so soft and delicate. I was really drawn to it. Again, because of my bustiness, the top was way too tight in the XS but...

 Silk Scallop Peplum Top (size S)
 ... the small fit much better. I sort of wanted this top to fit a bit looser anyway because of the delicate material. I think if you are going to go tight peplum then you have to go for stretchy material. The color is jewel-tone gorgeous without being overly bright. I was pairing it with the Looped Spectrum Necklace which I recently caught on popback from Anthro. On the fence about the necklace since it is so handmade looking but I like it with a nice vibrant top.

Mini-Check Market Popover (XS)
 Again, not to sound like I'm caught on repeat, but the popover is too small. I ADORE this color and the fabric feels slightly puckery in a nice way. Madewell's popovers definitely run on the shorter side and I think this could use a little more length so that you have the option of tucking it in.

 Silk Drop-Pleat Dress (size 2)
 This is way out of my normal comfort zone but I think it's really elegant and fun. The red is definitely RED but it's a flattering cooler tone of red. This dress is prone to a lot of static for some reason.

 Silk Drop-Pleat Dress (size 0)
I often have to size down in the elastic waist dresses and I might be tempted to do the same with this one. The only thing I'm not loving is how the top part doesn't fold down correctly. I think a belt would remedy the situation. Not sure if the top problem is better in the 0 or 2.

 Cargo Tunic Dress (XS)
 This reminds me of the tunic dress that I bought last year. So easy breezy and yet I actually prefer this one in that it is a slimmer cut. There's nothing exciting going on just a great shift dress in a nice neutral shade of navy. Would love to see the garnet color.

 Leafstitch Crewneck in Stripe (XS)
 Here's another love. So soft and slouchy and sweatshirt-y. I couldn't help but feel like the top stripe was hitting me in a funny place and making me feel wider. Besides that though, this is a sweater you want to throw on every day for casual wear. $49.99 in store.

 Oh Dear Sweater (XS)
 I'm not sure I'm particularly drawn to a head of a deer on a sweater but I love the fit of it. Nice dense knit that skims the body but isn't clingy at all. Adorable shape.

 Journal Cardigan (XS) in Gray Marled Pepper
 All the journal cardigans seems to be on sale. They aren't as slimming as the Merino Cardigans at J Crew but they are thicker and cozier. True grandpa cardigans. I like the fit of the XS but prefer the length of the S (see below).

 Softfleck Sweater (XS)
I might want to size up to a small for this. The colors are gorgeous and really different. Haven't really seen anything else in this color this season (is that bad or good). Nice thick yarn and slightly loose knit. Tempting.

 Journal Cardigan (size S) in Mountain Berry
 This color is delicious. I really like the length of the small but the fit is not as close to the body.

 Journal Cardigan (size XS) in Heather Saddle
Yet another journal cardigan - cute and love the camel color. Nice basic and again - nice to have a thicker knit than some of the thinner merino cardigans.
 Leafstitch Crewneck (XS)
 Same as the cozy stripe sweater above but plain. Like your favorite sweatshirt in sweater form. The texture is almost like a waffle henley. Not sure how it would hold up over time.

 Striped Gondola Dress (XS)
This was my first love from the fall release. Just easy breezy and super duper flattering. I know, stripes stripes stripes, when will it end? My usual size XS is tight enough to be sexy but not too crazy. The contrasting side panels really create a lean shape.

What Madewell items are you craving? Which of my sale finds do you like?


  1. Love the Journal cardigans; they aren't showing up on sale online. Do you remember the sale price? I really need a new camel colored cardigan.

    The checked popover is adorable! I'm going to have to make a trip to Madewell this weekend. Thanks for posting the reviews!

    1. You're welcome. If memory serves the Journal Cardigans wee $64.99. Plus, Madewell just changed things back to 40% off sale!

    2. Excellent! That's a great price. Thanks again!

  2. Love those journal cardigans too- and the striped dress looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you! I am loving Madewell right now. Helping me come off the Crewlade...