Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: Fall colors and summer sale

Mmm, fall. My favorite season for clothes. Layers and warm yummy colors like burgundy and forest green. Anthropologie's summer offerings are lovely but I never have much luck there during that season - too much strapless and shapeless maxi-ness for me. But fall/winter - yes! Cozy wrap sweaters, fun party dresses, killer heels, oh my! I mostly tried on some lingering sale items in my most recent visit but I'm going to try to take the time to try out some new fall yummies next time.

Needlelace Peplum Top (XS) in Wine
I've been hemming and hawing about keeping the Katrine Peplum top which I think is beautiful but runs a bit high-waisted and is quite frilly. I thought this would be a nice option with the v-neck in the front and the gorgeous color. It's still pretty short-waisted and I don't like what seems to be a longer peplum. Too much! I think these tops would be perfect if the peplum was way less gathered at the waist. Adds too much visual weight in my opinion.

Katrine Peplum Top (XS) in Black
 Here's the counterpoint to the Needlelace. With a belt, I think it looks pretty cute. Without I tihnk I look thick and like my waist is too high. What to do, what to do.

 Cyclades Dress (size 4?)

 I'm pretty sure this was a 4 because I remember thinking it was a bit too big and that this was strange considering I usually have to size up in Tracy Reese. It is adorable and super flattering. The material is a bit funky - sort of like vintage polyester but has a nicer flow to it, yet enough stiffness to give the dress shape. The pockets are in the front - almost like a kangaroo pocket - which I really like. Pleating is just enough to give an ease to the skirt and neckline is high and balanced. Quite adorable!
 Dayboat Dress (size S)
 This is one size bigger than I usually wear and I don't think I need the XS. Super adorable and super comfortable. My only problem.... the sleeves. There is all this weird ruching and I tihnk it looks frumpy from the front. Love the deep scoop and the solid waistband. It's amazing because the skirt is very pleated but the pleats lay perfectly. Very cute for $49.95.

 Elementary Jersey Dress (size S) in Black
I would definitely need my regular size XS. Even so, I don't think the top is defined enough for this shape to work. Skirt is long and overly pleated and the waist is not defined enough.

 Botanica Swing Dress (size 4?)
 I was drawn to this dress because it's just sooo easy. Feels very little girlish to me though. I don't think this shape is doing anything particularly magical for my body but it would be great for one of those I want to look cute but feel bloated days.

 Palisades Pullover (XS)
Totally cute basic little pullover sweater. I was less wowed by the colors in real life. The fit is perfect! Love the neckline and the skimming fit. Stripes are placed at just the right height so they are neither hanging out underneath the breastline nor going over them in an unflattering way. Lovely!

 Pegged Trousers (size 2) by Harlyn
 OK. These things are crazy. They were on my local sale rack for $49.95 but they seem to be full price online. I love the idea of a drapey, pleated trouser but the back view on this is frightening! Makes my butt look like it's several inches below where it should be. The front is acceptable but they rode up as I moved in them giving an sort of, ahem, camel toe effect. The size 2 felt pretty snug in the waist for your average size 2 at Anthropologie.

 Foulard Silk Shirtdress (XS)
 Love a cute shirtdress/shift but this is Holly Hobby. Length is too long and the dress runs HUGE. I am drowning in big ugly material, With a tuxedo bib front. Not good.

Here's a random blast from the past shot. The Clipped Cities blouse by Leifsdottir and the Looped Spectrum Necklace. I'm not sure about either piece alone but I do love them together. My husband hates the blouse - think it looks like an odd sace but there's something about it. Love the ease and then the necklace adds that pop of color that you need. I don't know though. So handmade looking.

What do you think?

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  1. I love the playful simplicity of that last combo- the simple blouse and kooky necklace- very cute! I too was disappointed in the foulard dress, but I hadn't noticed the cyclades dress- it's cute!!

    I much prefer the katrine peplum to the needlelace peplum- the v-neck and super ruffly waist look too much. The black one looks great, with or without the belt!