Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Madewell Reviews: 30% off sale in stores!

The sales keep rolling. Madewell is about to have a new rollout on Thursday so I think they are really trying to clear out some older merchandise. I noticed a lot of popbacks this morning and I was surprised to see 30% off sale in store. I feel like they rarely do that. Here are some reviews to help avoid the dreaded final sale mistakes!

Structured Stripe Pullover (XS)
 This is a nice, thick cotton and almost feels slightly terry-like on the underside. Very comfortable. The contrasting seam on the sides are nice and flattering. It's not exactly a wow piece but a cute little stripy layer.

I cannot for the life of me remember what this is called. It's cute. Really stretchy thick cotton and a cute little zipper detail at the shoulder. The vertical stripes on the back and pocket are cute details If I needed more stripes I might have gotten it. I'm trying to wean myself off... slowly.

 Slub V-Neck Tee in Stripe (XS)
 Cute basic t-shirt. Slightly oversized. Lightweight cotton. Not much more to say.

Leather-Trim Dress in Dusty Burgundy (XS)
I look like a skater who gained too much weight before trying on her uniform. I didn't even bother zipped the XS all the way up because it was SO TIGHT. You can see a slightl jelly roll forming over the waistline. it is a cute shape and I like the leather detail but it is too skater-rific for me. Even a small might be too tight. I also prefer a slightly less pleated skirt. Great color.

 Silk Inkbrush Dress (size 0)
 I've seen this dress many times at Madewell but I am always drawn to it. Looks sort of dressy, sort of casual, very comfortable and easy on the eye. I am trying to show (in the 2nd picture) that the skirt is a faux wrap in the front. I liked that. I already own several incarnations of this dress so I passed. I am wearing a size down on this one and that would have been fine. One of the great things about this style is you can be up or down a few pounds and it will still look great.

 Cafe Stripe Dress (size 0)
 Ah - all cotton - what a concept? Sometimes I long for a plain little cotton dress. The size 0 fit and I liked the way it looked at the waistline but it felt a bit snug over the top. You can see it in the back shot that it is pulling a bit and riding up in the front.

 Cafe Stripe Dress (size 2)
 The size 2 looks better, don't you think? It is a beautiful crisp cotton and feels just a hint stretchy although I'm not sure there is any lycra in it. I'm just not sure it's flattering. I just like it cuz it feels crisp, clean and classic. Can't tell if the stripes are a little too jailbird.

 One thing that is off is the sleeve length. I slightly rolled the sleeves in the LH picture and I think it improves the proportions. I tried a belt but I think this one is too thick and made the material bunch a bit. would need something thinner and lighter.

What do you think of these sale items? Is there anything you have your eye on?
I have a feeling we MAY see a percent off sale shortly after the new arrivals hit the website...


  1. I like the last dress! I wondered if you've been able to see/try the sweatshirt dress? It's priced so high online, so I hate to order just to try out and send back. Thanks for all the reviews! I miss being near a store. :(

  2. I like the last dress too! I really like your word "skater-rific " lol! So many skater dresses lately from many retailers, what gives? It is not an easy style to wear and reads very young to me, but the very young usually want something edgier than a skater dress, so I am not sure who is buying them. I have been loving Madewell's new arrivals, though. Have you seen them yet? Thanks for the reviews!